Friday, May 1, 2015

baking new things!

wow! What a week it has been we are getting ready for the grand opening which is May 16th of the cafe!!  ~~LIVE LIFE JOYFULLY~~and SIMPLY~~
this amazing humidor display case is going to be for baked good. in it right now I have some cheddar and chive scone that are amazing! And a coffee cake with an almond streusel crumb topping.

 a good friend came to teach me how to make french macarons! a lot of steps involved but it was fun and they are so good next I have to make the chocolate ganache filling for the pretty light pink green ones

 you have to have the egg whites be just perfectly

so here are a few of them piped out they have to dry a little while before you can have them in the oven

a close up of the cheddar chive scone. after trying one we decided they were lacking just something, so we have some of our red onion marmalade made and tried that oh my gosh!! That is absolutely perfection together!

 So here's a picture of the coffee cake I made in a sheet pan with a very good coating of almond streusel crumb topping just out of the oven

 and here you can see the squares I cut up after putting a little bling of just a dusting of powdered sugar on each one

 these are large loavess of our house made challah bread let me tell you this bread makes the most amazing french toast! so we are going to have French toast Fridays at the cafe using the challah bread

 and a pic of our PBJ panini which is our house made almond honey butter with red onion marmalade and some cream cheese this is absolutely yummy!
 we are making everything as much as possible in house so made some cheddar dill crackers to go on one of our farm boards these turned out amazing also

 it's just cheese butter flour fresh herbs and kosher flake salt and we have a winner! I can see a bag of these in the takeout cooler with a bowl of our house made fresh hummus! I think I'm going to try and do some seated ones with sesame poppy seeds and maybe parmesan on top yeah that sounds really yummy too!

So as you can see we're pulling things together we have a training tomorrow Saturday of employees and making coffee or coffee supplier Uncommon Grounds will be here to help support and teach! if you like coffee you will love their coffee it's absolutely wonderful! so I am off to bake and I will be back to share more very soon hope you all have a wonderful day!!  Happy happy baking and cooking and creating!!