Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunny sunday

OH WHAT A GLORIOUS DAY TODAY HAS BEEN~~ it is only in the high 70s and sunny and BEAUTIFUL!! what a weekend we have had!! Market was the best of the season yesterday and the weather was just right not too hot, no wind and no rain!! Even though we sure do need a nice rain shower for the garden.


The flowers and trees are in their full beauty of the summer and it is just so wonderous!! it is light out til about 9.30 pm and well just plain ol GREAT!! LOVE SUMMERTIME!~!

Well the girls are all doin better now that the first big heat of the summer is over, they got really warm, we all did last week. One thing to remember if yall have "girls" chickens dont forget that they get heat stressed quickly and very easily too. I read somewhere awhile ago to make up some of water with the commercial electrolytes in it put in ice cube trays and freeze, then pop a few out and tuck them in their waterers. Be sure to leave out plenty of cool water for them to drink and they will eat early in the am when it's hot. I will also put a soaker hose on and a fan in their coop to help them relax and not get overheated, plus since they are free range i have all sorts of pots and buckets and trays out around their stomping ground for them to drink from.

Well hope yall have a blessed day and I will be back soon with some new pics and garden pics too. It is gonna be a wild week I think so I may not be on here as much as I would like but I am still thinkin about what to put on my blog next!! LOL we do have onions, radishes, carrots, taters, celery, spinach and cilantro for sale now too!! and the maters and squash are about ready too!!
Oh by the way if i hadnt already told yall the pic of the rooster on the left side is my RED FRED!! I love that the gal that made this for me incorporated his pic!! he is one cool dude I tell ya!!

Happy gardening and baking from me!!




Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summertime Market pics

Strawberry Rhubarb streusel topped muffins for market tomorrow
My newest creation!! cinnamon raisin swirl bread, this is prebaked, cinnamon and brownsugar, and raisins are rolled into the bread then it is topped with some melted butter and sprinkeled with more brown sugar and cinnamon!! oh my goodness did the kitchen smell yummy when this was baking!! I cant believe it but i didnt take any post baking pics, they do look gorgeous!! I want to eat one!! LOL

These were an experiment gone OH SO RIGHT yesterday, rosemary sandwich loaves filled with more rosemary and asiago, parmesean, mozzarella, swiss and some kosher salt. AND they are super yummy!!

ARENT THESE FLOWERS GORGEOUS!! they will have seasonal fresh flowers there for sale too.

Inside counter pics. Andrew and Melissa were busy settin up when I got there this am so not everything is in place but wanted some pics to share with ya.

YUMMY radishes!!

Some maple syrup, my jams, cookies, and some honey

Outside store.
HEY THERE YALL!~ I took some pics of the new SUMMERTIME MARKET IN SAUGATUCK MI~~ I have jellies and mixes and some shortcakes oh and my granola cereals, and granola mixes there. I love how rustic and country but yet sophisticated it looks!! COOL HUH!!?~~LIVE LIFE JOYFULLY~~and SIMPLY~~


OK we are in SUMMER!! it got almost 90 degrees yesterday and today is suppossed to be 90~~it already is hot and humid outside and only 6.30 in the am! Oh well it is sure nice to be warm and everything looks so alive with color outside. Plus i am thankful we have air my hubby and Buster just cant take the heat good anymore they both lay around in the house when it gets too hot.
Well another baking day today, yesterday a friend came and we made all sorts of goodies including some more strawberry banana bread, some chocolate chip orange brownies, streusel topped strawberry rhubard muffins, chunky granola bars, rosemary cheese mini loaves, apricot almond biscotti, a rhubarb pie for an order for market tomorrow, buttermilk shortcakes and I think that was it. Today is pistachio bread, bundt cakes, cheddar pepper bread, some kind of a cookie or two and cinnamon raisin bread. SOOOOOO I better get off puter and get myself ready to go.
Have a blessed day and hope yall are enjoying the summer thus far!!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Produce, baked goods and market pics

Here are some of the homemade soaps we have.
MY STRAWBERRY BANANA BREAD was a BIG hit at both markets this week!~

Some produce ready for sale.

A dear friend made me this beautiful wreath of sweet peas so I hung it on one of the old recycled screens I have hanging on the outside of the farmstand. I love the sign I hung on top of it too!!!

A side pic of our little farmstand.

Some pretty onions!!

Radishes, and they are yummy!!

Peach pies I made last week for market

Banana sunflower muffins I made

A few goodies cooling at the bakery

Some breads drizzled with a vanilla glaze.

Here are some pics from the Allegan Michigan farmerst market on thurs

We had a horrible patch of tstorms come thru last week and the kitchen lost power but for once we didnt at home! knock on wood too!! We usually always have to pull out the generator in the early summer from some bad storms but it really hit the cliff and almost bounced over us and went inland 3 miles and boy was there damage!! we seen big ol trees uprooted and tons of big limbs and branches down all over, and the flooding was horrible in Holland which is aoubt 20 min north of us. Roads actually were either closed or GONE from all the torrntial rains we got!! Bust we survived a ok!!

WHEW!! what a busy weekend, we had more planting to do and we also had a busy day at market on sat and fathers day sunday!! BTW HAPPY LATE FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE FATHERS OUT THERE!! hope you had a restful fun day!!!
Well I have a couple of new recipes I have thought of this weekend to make this week for market. The little buttermilk shortcakes were a big hit and they sold well at the farmstand here at home this weekend too. I think they will be great with mixed berries when the raspberries and blueberries are ready. Gosh that sounds good for tonight may have to pull some out of the freezer and make it for a midnight (right 9pm is more like it) snack!!LOL
IT IS OFFICIALLY SUMMER we closed all the windows t0night and put on the ac!! YEPPER the air is running!! Buster and his daddy dont good in the humid heat of summer so it was time to break down and turn it on. I love the windows open but actually it is almost 85 degrees right now so it is a bit hot.
I hope yall have a super duper monday night and will chat more this week got more pics to take ya know!!!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Off to market we went!!

Peach Pies
Cooling rack

Allegan Market Today

Some of the goodies at market today

Breads at market

Well it did look a bit scary this am outside!! Got all set up at market and everything looked great and by early afternoon the SUN yepper SUN came out and it actually got up to 80 degrees!! YEAH YIPPEE! beautiful day after all!!
The strawberry banana bread we came up with was a big hit!! SOLD out!!
Sold OUT of my recipe of chocolate chip cheesecake brownies, Sold out again of Pistachio bread~! that one has many faithful buyers!!LOL, sold out of my buttermilk shortcakes for strawberry shortcake!! Well those to me are FAR better topped smothered and covered with homemade sausage gravy!!LOL anyway it was a nice day and busy for the most part. SOOOOOOOO that means BAKING ALOT tomorrow for Sat market!!
Hope yall had a deliciously wonderful day!!
Will post over the weekend!!
PS SUMMERTIME MARKET IN SAUGATUCK is OPEN and lookin mighty fine I have to say!!
LOTS OF YUMMIES there and some of the early produce, free range eggs, organic meats, flowers, and well great looking treats!~! STOP ON BY!~


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wet Wed!!

HEY THERE!~ so it is still rainin and a bit cool outside!! but glad we are gettin this nice steady rain all night!! just hope it is gone tomorrow for market!! then it can start up again after 3 pm tomorrow!! LOL

Well we have a new addition to our farm! A male peacock, now I just have to get a female. I really will go and try to get a better pic of him, we just got him and he was pacing in the pen off the side of the coop so it was hard he was still spooked in his new place. His head and neck are just gorgeous aqua and blue!! I have to come up with a name for him yet but will soon!
So just wanted to say hey and hope yall have a happy hump day!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thunderin Tues


Wow we are gettin a storm right now, nice and heavy rain and some thunderin comin across the lake now, it is just crazy here one min it is super windy then calm as can be!! THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM I GUESS!~! We need the rain better yet the gardens and farms need the rain. SO YEAH!!!!!! Ok so went and baked today, here is the line up thus far for markets, chunky strawberry jelly, my glazed pistachio bread, banana nut muffins, a couple of each cherry, apple walnut, and peach pies, lemon tea cake cookies, chunky peanut peanut butter cookies, strawberry banana bread, chunky and fruity granola cereal, fresh strawberry pies and some double chocolate cream cheese brownies!! WHICH by the way make the kitchen smell just devine when baking!! and they are truly yummy!!

Tomorrow a dear friend is comin over to help me bake for market and an order I got so we will sure have fun!! I have to run and go out and chick on everyone in the barnyard so hope yall have a blessed evening!!



DONT FORGET IF YALL ARE NEAR SAUGATUCK!! stop on in the Summertime Market off Blue Star Highway!! they have somethin for everyone!!!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunshiney Sunday!!

I had an order go to a new shop opening in Saugatuck SUMMERTIME MARKET!! they are gonna carry all local homemade home grown produce. A great indoor market if yall are in the area stop on by and see them! They are just before Saugatuck off Blue Star Highway before the river if you are heading north and just after if you are heading south! GREAT stuff there for sale TOO!
Some of the packages of biscuit mix I made up for Summertime Market LOVE that red and white gingham ya know!!

Here is my dear neighbor John and a dear friend John at market!! John on the right brought some of his great strawberries and John on the left brings some gorgeous organic plants and organic produce which I love his apricots by the way!! LOL.

chunky peanut peanut butter cookies

My mom's flower shop, this is where I want to incorporate the bakery items, just trying to find display cases yet!!

Chocolate Chip cookies

The start of carrot cake muffins.

Here are some of the pastries and danish!! Cheese danish, chocolate croissants and almond croissants!!

Mini tarts with cream cheese filling

Carrot cake slices, and biscuit mixes

South Haven Farmers Market on sat.

HEY YALL~~ Hope ya had a super duper week!! I went and baked just about everyday I could this week. Here's the list from market:

zucchini nut bread, butter streusel topped banana bread, lemon poppyseed muffins, banana nut cake muffins, loaded old fashioned carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, carrot cake muffins, my recipe for a super double dark chocolate brownie with cream cheese filling and chocolate chips!! YUMMO chocolate and cream cheese there's nothing better!LOL, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip chunky peanut butter cookies, glazed lemon tea cakes, parmesan and rosemary soft breadstick twists, rosemary and onion buns, apple pie with cream cheese filling and nuts, mini blueberry pies, espresso mocha cake, mini tarts filled with cream cheese and topped with fresh fruit, peach and cherry turnovers, and then the weekly special ones people request. The brownies were gone fast and I actually had 3 people come back and say they want them again next week and they were DELICIOUS!! yeah!! I love them too!! LOL So it was quite a busy week, this week I have a few appointments to go to so will have to make the most of my baking time. I am planning on canning a batch of my strawberry apricot jam and also some rosemary jelly since my plants are full enough to trim now.!!

We had some great rain this week and everything outside is just flourishing. All the fruit trees and bushes are lookin mighty fine I must say and lots of fruit is setting!!

Well I better run and get my farmstand open here and also am running late in doin chores so I am sure my animals are gettin mad!! Especially those chickens! they have scratchin and diggin and bugs to find!! LOL I am filling the new duck pool today since theirs was blown out !! I usually go thru 2 a year that is if hubby stays away from it! last summer he was cuttin the grass nearby and got too close and it split the side out!! then early last winter we got alot of snow overnight and while i was driving back to the coop I well didnt see it and ran it over!! keep in mind this is nothin fancy just a kids 8 foot round little pool but still you cant really find them all year!! i am gonna buy another one and put it in the barn for those "just in cases" OOPPSS!!

So have a blessed sunday and will chat more this week....




Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Herbed Jellies

This place has great herb and unusual jelly recipes!!
I am wanting to try rosemary jelly but just waiting for my plants to get big enough to make a big ol batch!!
Chick out this site!! See


Tues howdy

Hey Yall!!
Hope yall had a great monday!! Mine was quite busy I canned chunky strawberry jelly, hot hot pepper jelly, strawberry topping (which is a favo at market, a thin jelly with some chunks of strawberries great for deserts or ice cream) and also some of our Aunt Lillians shortcake mixes. My mom and brother and I went out for ice cream too in the late afternoon after she closed the shop. We did have quite a bit of a storm last night, raining buckets of water for about 15 min then slowly stopped and the sun came back out and it was chilly. That is our crazy weather, everywhere I hear that we are gonna have below normal temps this summer which is ok then we dont have to have the ac on as much! I dont care for it too cool in the house but my hubby and Buster Brown have a difficult time in hot weather.
I am off to deliver an order of some jellies and granola and mixes today to a store that is opening tomorrow in Saugatuck!! Stop on in they are off of Blue Star Highway just south of the river if you are heading north to Saugatuck on your left hand side. ( i will take my dig cam with me this afternoon and take some pics) Summertime Market it is all local goodies!! I think they will do good it is a great location with plenty of parking and they have dressed up the building perfect for a market!! Then I am off to the kitchen to play and bake and maybe make some more jelly!!

So I hope everyone has a blessed day i will try to post pics tomorrow after baking.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hey yall!!

You can accomplish anything!!

WOW~!~ It is sunday!! A day of rest!! well not on our farm, we do take time to Thank the Good Lord above for all the blessing he has given to us and I do have tons of things to be thankful for!! I am just lovin life bigtime and actually having the time of my life!! even hobbling around I love this life I have been given!!

The market was slow yesterday there was a car show in town and I noticed alot of our regular customers didnt come by it was very busy in town and the parking lots around the market area were all taken up early on by car folks and lookers so I did bring quite a bit of goodies back with me but that is ok most of it will go to my parents, in our freezer for winter use and a suprise package for dear friends.
I made this simple coffee cake and added some fresh apricot slices and OOHHHHHHHH was it good!! now this could also be made with any of your favo fruits too!!
Give it a try!!
1 1/2 cups flour
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup sugar
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1 egg
1/3 cup melted butter
1/3 cup milk (i used 1/2 and 1/2 cream)
1 1/2 tsp vanilla ( i also added 1/2 tsp almond extract)
mix ingredients and place in 9 inch baking pan. lay sliced fruit ontop now
Top with my simple streusel mix:
1/4 cup softened butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup flour
1/2 cup chopped pecans or toasted almonds work good too!
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp nutmeg
cut butter into above ingredients to form crumbs, place ontop of cake
Bake at 375 degrees til top is brown (25-30 min)
BTW if yall get a min stop on over to the site they have done a great job on it for market!! THANKS to JOHN for taking great pics too!!
And thanks for all the well wishes my foot is doin much better!! It is still sore and swollen but nothing like the other day I tell ya!! BE CAREFUL FOR NAILS while out walking too!!
Have a blessed day and will talk to yall this week!!