Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Miss Fannie babies and flowers

This is my beautiful purple climatis plant which has been growing on a grapevine arbor I made a few years ago. I LOVE IT!! LOVE that color and it has more buds to bloom.

OK THIS IS MISS FANNIE and her absolutely ADORABLE babies!! a boy and a little girl. The girl is just beautiful with all her spots!!

Miss Fannie belongs to some dear friends of ours only a mile away. I so WANT A BABY!! arent they the cutest ever!???? The goat in the backround by the gate is due next week so just MAYBE I could sneak one over here!! hey it could ride home with me on the golfcart!! LOL

Our chicks are growing up nicely and have moved into their new accomodations! A bigger area, still not big enough to be in with the "girls" but they have their own area and more room for them. Kind of like a playroom!LOL
Well I tried some new recipes out this am! I tweeked my zucchini bread recipe around and it turned out YUMMO!! made some buttermilk biscuits for market, they make good strawberry shortcakes, and for me are super with homemade sausage gravy!! hey there is supper!!, also made some banana bread with a butter crumb streusel top, some naner muffins, some more glazed pistachio bread, (had orders for that one), oh and 2 apple pies complete with cream cheese and nuts on top!! yummy!! did 2 big apple crisps that were cut up and put in a container for pieces.
I also did some mixes up to take of apple cinnamon muffin mix and more pancake mix. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was it.
Tomorrow is gonna be a fun filled day too!! on the menu is homemade spinach pies, some baked tortilla chips with a fruit salsa dip, some cookies and maybe some more banana nut cakes, oh and luscious lemon bread and lemon poppyseed bread. That should be about it for market on thurs? but who knows I will end up making some more things I am sure!! LOL
OH THIS IS THE LIFE!! LOVIN LIFE AND ALL THE OPPORTUNITIES IT HAS TO OFFER!! hope to hear some good news on an idea too! will let yall know how it works out!! I have to make up some samples for a new business opening and am hoping to get some orders there!!!
go here to check out the sh market too.
Well have a blessed evening and will chat more tomorrow!!



Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

The babies are adorable and the food sounds yummy...hope everything turns out good for you.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

You got to get yerself a baby goat! They are TOO ADORABLE!!! You need to add to your menagerie!!! LOL...

Carmen C. said...

Hi there! I just popped over from Penniwigs and OH MY are those babies ADORABLE!!!! I'm drooling over your wonderful baked treats also:) Hope you have a lovely day!!!!

Julia said...

THose are the cutest baby goats EVER!! Penniwig put some bread crumbs out for us to follow. :)