Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunny sunday

Red Velvet undressed cupcakes!! OH NO THEY R NEKKED!

Pistachio muffins topped with just sanding sugar


Whew.................. market yesterday was a great success!! A dear friend and great baker at that helped me this week!! she came to market yesterday and we laughed and laughed and had a ton of fun!! It got pretty busy with a line up in the farm booth!! The hens were a cacklin too!!LOL anyway we sold out of quite a few goodies so this week will be busy testing out new recipes and baking. I am tryin hard to make new things and have a few of the tried and true ones everyone loves ex: my glazed pistachio bread, lemon poppy seed bread, my loaded old fashioned carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting and of cource my cowgirl and cowboy cookies!!

Some of my chunky sof-n-chewy peanut peanut butter cookies OH NOW how about a chunky monkey cookie?? I just got an idea for a new recipe to try!!! Will take pics of that one this week! gotta write it in my little light bulb idea book!! LOL

I have to tell you I tried a new recipe I found for banana cake!! YUMMO!! I tweeked it a bit around to serve this chick better and it was a big hit! had some small cakes and some mini bundt cakes topped with powdered sugar and they sold quick. I am really into nanner things lately did naner muffins with and without nuts, the naner cakes, nanner nut bread loaves and also blueberry nanner bread!!

A batch above of my chocolate chip choc chunk cookie dough.
SO today hubby and I are planting some of my heirloom tomato plants that are outgrowing their little homes, we have more taters goin in, and beans!~ yummy purple, yellow and green beans~So off to get my bibs on and braid my hair and get in the garden~~ Oh and I just thought of another fun idea for a mixed granola~!~ will post all about it when it is done!!
Have a blessed afternoon all my puter friends out there!~~


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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Yay! I am so glad to hear that it was a successful farmers market and that people are buying up all the delish things you bake!

That mixed granola has me thinking! I wonder what you are going to combine!!!