Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Happy weekend!!

Well had a longggggggggggggggg day yesterday, I baked pretty much all day. It was a crazy week with the holiday and then I kind of lost a day being at work (nope not the kitchen I worked from 8 30 to 5 30 at the hospital) so really only had 2 days or my time. BUT I made up for it yesterday!! LOL The top photo is of some of my glazed pistachio bread, below is some frosted chocolate mocha cupcakes (which by the way may just be a new favo of mine!! COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE!~!~ YEAH!!

some little apricot almond scone cookies I tried.
Here are the UNDRESSED pistachio loaves!!
OH and this is a must have every week!! Cheddar pepper bread!! yummo!! JUST YUMMY!! I used some aged sharp cheddar cheese, add some chopped onion, sweet red orange and yellow peppers and a bit of green pepper. I made this last year and it was a big hit!! So am making them babies again and I love em toasted or on the grill with a dab of butter. They are big un's too. Some of my customers have said it reminds them of pizza bread. Workin on a few other combinations to try out on this recipe too.

Peach dumplings~!~

So I havent work too much on any new crafty or scrappy things but will have to make some time for that. I did mange to make another batch of hot pepper jelly and also did up some strawberry apricot jam. A local store had apricots on sale and they looked so good just had to buy some up. I did make some little mini bite size pies with a cream cheese filling and topped them with a slice of apricot. Did a few with a dab of strawberry jam and then a chunk of a fresh straw on top. These will be finished with a dustin of powdered sugar and will go to market today with me. SO all in all I think I have a pretty good selection for today. Thurs in Allegan went really well considering it was cold windy and rainy all day. Well as you can see I am still here too didnt melt too much LOL!!
It has been really cool round here too, a couple of nights ago we went to bed and it was hot and muggy, had the ceiling fan on but woke up in the middle of the night shiverin, had to close all the windows and off went that fan. and it has been chilly ever since, the days are only in the 60s to 70 and at night it has been in the 50s which isnt too awful bad. I love summer but not all that hot humidity. SO these days are really nice!!!
Well gotta get my butt ready to leave for market will try to get on here more lately sorry I have been neglicting my little blog here. Hope yall have a super fun weekend!!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Oh great, nice way to start the first day of my new "diet", I gained 5 lbs just drooling over you good looking breads and treats.
Sigh, I'll bet the cheese pepper bread is fantastic. Do you ever sell on line?

~Woods Olde Homestead~ said...

I just found your blog and oh my your treats look so yummy...I will be back to drool some more...
Have a great weekend...

Olde Dame Penniwig said...


I feel like I have been at an elegant and delicious Dessert Table!!! All those goodies, something for every taste!

LUCKY LUCKY people who get to buy your culinary creations! They look every bit as good as the candies you make and which I can say are the BEST I have EVER had!

craftychick said...

THANKS EVERYONE!! We had a great day of sales at market and also my friend and I had tons of fun!!
Have a blessed day!!
"the chicken lady" LOL