Monday, May 11, 2009

Asparagus and plants

THIS IS MY FIRST MARKET WEEK!! SOUTH HAVEN MICHIGAN FARMERS MARKET DOWNTOWN SAT 8 am to 2 pm~~stop on by~~ there are alot of great booths and yummy goodies for ya!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bluish purple lobelia plant!! This has to be one of my favo colors of flowers!!

One of the gardens that goes along our front bean garden. A dear friend gave me this old bike and I found the back double basket at an estate sale last summer and it was made for this bike!! so this year all the wire baskets will be planted. I have to be patient in planting as last spring we lost several flats of flowers and veggies I planted too early in may and BAM!! DoubLE BAMO!! we got snow in may!!! lost em all ,so I promised myself NO early planting this year!! LOL at least I can plant in the greenhouse though!! LOL

Hubby found this old horse drawn plow at an estate sale too and so here she is in my little garden next to my greenhouse.

One of the first cosmos flats to bloom!! LOVE these guys and they grow and spread each summer!! Last summer my plants were huge at almost 5 feet tall and bushy!!

Some of the tomatoes coming along nicely. Purple cherokee heirlooms, orange sunburst heirlooms.

2 of the blue lobelia plants!! GORGEOUS!!

a few of the girls came out to visit a customer this afternoon. You just have to say "COME HERE GIRLS or OH GIRLS" and they come a runnin on over!!

A few goodies for sale in the farmstand. The stones are made by a very dear friend and are all natural HYPERTOOFA spelling may not be right?? anyway there are pondscapes with a hole in them for a fountain and also deep ones for butterfly or bird baths. The best thing is they were out all winter and they do not freeze and crack on you. They expand with the weather.

Front of farmstand gettin ready for another season!!
Ok that is it for pics today!! I do hope yall had a very very happy MOTHERS DAY!! I sure did spent the first part of the day with my mom at the flower shop and then went to my great mother in laws and then to Grandmas house, my hubbys grandma Jan so we had a fun filled blessed day!! and then came home to spend the rest of it relaxin with my "boys" Buster, Bubba and Barney. My dear precious kids and Hubby of cource!!
OH AND BY THE WAY WE ARE PICKING ASPARAGUS TO SELL!!! IT is in the farmstand and I will bring it to market on sat in south haven. WHICH by the way will be my first market day!! We will have a great selection of our baked goods too!! STOP ON BY!!
Downtown South Haven MI 8am to 2pm
Have a great night!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

How I wish I lived near to you! Drat it, I am so far away from all the good stuff here in West Texas!

Your farmstand is GREAT!!!

I agree with you about not planting too early, I once lived where the last frost date was something like May 27th and every year, we'd all jump the gun and plant, and LOSE IT ALL, but the plant nurseries just lure you in too early with all their cool plants...LOL...

Tammi said...

Your photos are so cute! I cannot wait until your tomatoes are done. I wanted to plant some heirloom this year, but thought "what am I going to do with all of them?"

Theresa said...

wow.. all those pics have my green thumb getting jealous.. wonderful pics and plants.. wish i was close by to stop by the market. have fun!!!