Friday, May 8, 2009

Cupcakes and Flowers Friday

Ok so been busy workin some at the shop this week gettin ready for Mothers Day!! This is such a fun holiday since most folks like deliveries any time of the week not just on sunday. We will be delivering on Mothers Day though!! So here are some pics for you to enjoy!!
Some of the carnation corsages for a local church above.

Here is one cooler filled for walk in customers

I love how this basket turned out and I love the colors!! A special order for mothers day.

One of the whip cream cakes we make, this one features a white chocolate cream filling and a cluster of pink sweet peas.

Another whip cream cake we made with pink sweet peas around one edge. I love the whip cream frosting, it is not as sweet or sugary as buttercream.

Some quick cupcakes. These are the jumbo size and look so darn yummy!! Plain yellow butter cake with whip cream frosting and a couple little embellishments!! LOL

This was a special order called to the shop, they were looking for something to give a friend that loves gardening so it had to have a garden tool with it. SOOOOO we found this great little tote bag, added a pair of gloves, a shovel inside bag and then tied a little garden fork to the handle with ribbon. TOO STINKIN CUTE I THINK!!
Well hope yall have a great friday!! and will talk to ya tomorrow with a special mothers day post!!



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

This is your prettiest post EVER! It's SO BEAUTIFUL, all the cupcakes and cakes and flowers!

Tammi said...

Ooh, I want some cupcakes!!

Barbara Olivo Cagle said...

Hi Darlene, I just revisited your blog and was hoping you would please visit my blog too, and maybe share it with your friends. Also, leave a comment on my Mother's Day Give-Away Post to have a chance to win my book. Time is running out.



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