Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Ok one of my babies is in a contest BUSTER the clown he is contestant number 5 so go and vote!! LOL not that you have to vote for him but he would be much abliged if yall do!! LOL
There are some ADORABLE fur babies on there too~~

Here is the site : so now run on over and vote vote and vote!!
GREAT SITE ! check out all the great fur baby goodies they offer!!

So i am gonna go to the kitchen again and finish up frosting the cupcakes, wrappin the bread, and packaging some of the cookies for market tomorrow!! DONT FORGET if yall are in and around ALLEGAN MICHIGAN the market is open from 8 am to 2 pm. Here are a few of my offerings this week:
I made a batch of hot pepper jelly and some packages of my apple crisp mix
some double/triple dipped pretzels
cream cheese frosted loaded carrot cake muffins
grandmas old fashioned chunky peanut butter cookies
some yummy chunky fruity granola cereal
cream cheese frosted red velvet cupcakes
banana nut bread, cheddar pepper bread (my favo), applesauce bread
chocolate chunk cookies
banana muffins
and today am making some scones and more cookies!! And I will have more at market on Sat in South Haven Michigan!! STOP ON BY!!

They are calling for 80 degrees today!! YEAH YIPPEE YEE HAW! love this weather and hopefully will get some much needed rain too!!! SO hope yall have a truly glorious day!! Enjoy!!


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Small House said...

HI!! I just found your blog tonight. It's great!!! I feel so bad about that dog! That is horrible.

I've enjoyed looking through your past few posts, and am going to come back later to brose some more.
have a great day.