Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snowy pics

These are in our front yard and down our driveway!! ARENT the trees beautiful!!


Frosty is my primitive handmade snowman tree topper/shelf sitter. He is attached to an old rusty spring and is holding onto a pot of greenery with grubby candy canes and one of my grubby battery tea lights. 12 3/4in tall he is adorable and ready to be on your tree. Please email me first for an actual shipping by zip code amount. Frosty is $21.95 plus traveling fees. The wood altered art ornaments are made from 1/8 in thick smooth boards that have been altered chicken scratch style with vintage photo copies, ribbon, stamped flakes or flourishes, letters and ribbons. Wire hangers make them great to hang on your primitive tree or to hang around the house or to give a special friend a handmade gift. $4.50 plus travel fees. Can be shipped in a plain flat envelope. Will post more when i can get in my trailer and pull things out from the show.
Enjoy the last pics it snowed here this afternoon and is still coming down, too bad i am so stinkin tired this is the perfect snowman building snow!! HEAVY AND WET!! Sorry frosty no friends out tonight over here! LOL

Website CounterOk I am back from my holiday open house sale!! Here is an album i put together of the pics. This one is the front of the wonderful building we rented!! ISNT is just great!! I would sooooooooo love this on our property to play with!!! Gosh i would have it just chucked full of primitive treasures!! LOL Also is a pic of some of my hp signs i offered. The rest of the photos are in my image cave album link below
I hope you and your families had a blessed Thanksgiving~~ I baked most of the morning and early afternon came home to get ready to go to my parents home and found my poor hubby still in bed. He had a touch of a bug that is for sure, poor guy didnt get back out of bed til friday am and was still beat. Hopefully that was it and he wont be sick for xmas too or me!! It is cold season though and there are germs all around us these days!
It is cold here in sw michigan but just a bit of snow left on the ground...=(BUTTTTTTTTTTTT we are in for a storm coming in tonight!~! YIPPEE~ snow and more snow!! It just isnt the holiday season round here without snow, and i say if is goin to be cold then darn it all LET THERE BE SNOW!! to beautify the drab long gloomy days!! Have a great rest of your weekend and will post some new things i have in my mind this week!!

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Thursday, November 27, 2008


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OK JUST wanted to post another reminder if any of yall are near Decatur Mi sat my friends and I have rented a very old and primitive town hall to hold our first annual Holiday Handmade open house sale. WE have lots of great handmades there, plus I am having a homemade bake sale, complete with cookies, chocolates, chocolate barks, sugar free chocolates, breads, pies and some mixes plus SAMPLES to munch on. Lots of handmade snowmen items, finished altered art scrapbooks, memory books, soldered pendant necklaces charm bracelelts, homemade natural potpourris, candles, body products, all natural soaps etc. Garden accents, all natural imitation stone fountains, stepping stones, bowls and bird baths. PLUS handpainted wood items, recycled treatures, dolls, primitive ornaments, saltbox house lamps, WELL SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE!!!
homemade soups, hot dogs, sausage and snacks available to purchase for lunch!!!
It is off the Cass/Decatur road.
SAT NOV 29 8am to 5 pm
Just 5 miles from downtown Decatur, MI.
minutes from Vandalia, Marcellus and Cassopolis, Paw Paw, Watervliet, Hartford
You wont be disappointed!!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 Thankful thoughts Tues

This is BUBBA~~he is such a little goof!! Love that hat!!LOL
Buster and Barney are sleeping on the couch and a pic of one of my santa crows.

Ok well no snow today just rain!! YUK!! it is windy and rainy plus sleetin here and there. Well been busy busy busy paintin tryin to get ready for the show this weekend!! I will post lots of pics when i get home sunday.
I made a list of 10 of some important things that i am THANKFUL for :
1. A wonderful loving family and the fact that we are very close to each other including my hubby's wonderful family in this too!!
2. my kids!!
3. my super duper wonderful hubby
4. that we are all here to be together another year
5.that there are brave young and old men and women in this great country that keep it safe for all of us !!
6. I still have a job
7. We have a roof over our heads, heat in our home and food on our tables
8. Great friends near and far
9. my creative abilities (truly thankful to the good lord above for this)
10. Internet! (I have met my bestest friends thru the puter)
Now take a min to think of 10 that would be on your list~~
**Please when you bow your heads to give thanks on Thanksgiving think of the dear men and women that are away from their families to protect the good ol USA!!**
Here's hoping your and your family has a blessed peaceful Thanksgiving day!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Open House show

OUR First annual holiday open house

off the cass/decatur road, just min south of the school (lots of signage will be around)

A few of us crafting gals are putting all our things together to offer you the best quality handmades including a bake sale. Lunch will be offered also.
Handpainted primitives, altered art items, soldered jewlery pendants, memory books, scrapbooks, homemade candles, all natural soaps and lotions, bath scrubs, personalyzed items, handmade ornaments, handpainted lamps, signs and much more, plus one of a kind treasures!!! and lots of unique handmade garden accents, birdbaths and stepping stones. You won't be disappointed!!

If you need further directions please leave me a comment or email me!!
Also leave a comment to get signed up for my first giveaway!! Deadline to sign up is Dec. 5th~
Have a blessed night!!
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SOUP recipe monday

HEY YALL~~ it is snowing lightly here!! YEAH!! so will be makin a pot of yummy corn chowder soup~this is a very easy and quick recipe from gooseberry patch years ago. We have made this recipe several times and love love it on a cold brrrrrrrrrrrrrr day!!
So thought i would share it with ya ~
Corn Chowder
1 10 pkg frozen corn
1/2cup peeled, chopped takers
1/2 cup chopped onion
1/3 cup water
1 teasp instant chix boullion granules
dash of pepper
1 3/4 cup milk DIVIDED
2 tablesp flour
1 tablesp dried parsley flakes

in lg saucepan combine corn,tater,onion,water,boullion,and pepper(could use a bit of season salt instead) bring to a boil and reduce heat. Cover and simmer 10 min. Stir occassionaly to prevent sticking. In a bowl stir 1 1/2 cups milk and flour. Gradually stir in remaining 1/4 cup milk until smooth. Stir flour mixture into corn mixture. Cook until it is thick and bubbling.
Now we add the following in ours, crumbled cooked bacon, and 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese and you can top with a dollop of sour cream when serving. MAKES 4 servings. **we have also put all the ingredients in a crock pot on low and let it simmer slowly, we add chopped cooked ham to that then and all those wonderful flavors slow cook!! LOVE that crock pot!

OK now go make some soup!!!
Have a prim delightful monday and will let ya see a peek at all my goodies for the bake sale this weekend!! Website Counter

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Friday, November 21, 2008


Ok these were fun to make I took just plain ol pillar candles put em thru my grubbifing process then added some burlap and a rusty star and put a battery operated candle in them and voila!! NO FLAME to deal with!! ARENT THEY COOL???Website Counter OK if you are interested in one they are going to be $5.95each plus shipping, they are 10 in around and stand 2 in tall. Just email me and give me your zip code i will let ya know how much. Also the 2 signs listed are for sale. I love that green color. Great by your door to greet your guests!! $7.00 each plus shipping. They are 1/8 in thick so would be cheap shipping. LET ME KNOW!!
THANKS and have a blessed night!!

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THIS IS what we woke up to today!! yepper we had just a dusting on the snow yesterday but got alot last night and gettin more today!! YEAH!! YIPPEE!~ YEE HAW!! Love the snow!!! Ok well today is another busy day will be baking some cookies and brownies for a bake sale next week. So as much as i want to stay home and craft i have to go to bakery. Will show ya some pics of really cool grubby prim candles i did this am they are drying and they turned out cool!!! Have a super snowy day!!! **HAPPY WINTER***

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well today was quite a productive craftin day!! As i mentioned before a dear friend and I are having an open house/holiday market in a little hall we rented next weekend!! Gosh cant believe next week is Thanksgiving!!

So the pine cones are a favo around here!! They are fire starters!! SO HERE IS YOUR PINE CONE LESSON!!!

HERE is how you can make them for your holiday home!!

you will need an old METAL muffin tin, open pinecones, some sawdust or shredded bedding for animals, wax, (i use paraffin since it is flammable) crayons, (optional for color) essential oils.

Just melt your wax down, i use an old electric fry pan on LOW (that is only used for wax) then as the wax is melting add a few drops of essential oil. While that is melting take just a small pinch of wood material and place in each muffin cup, then place a few spoonfuls of wax into cup, place a pine cone in each then i like to pour a couple of spoons of wax over cone so it gets on the whole cone and drips into cup to fill that. THATS IT!! you just let them sit overnight, or til completely cool!! You can put them outside if it is cold and they will fall right out of muffin cup. HAVE FUN!! these are great to set in with your kindling to start a nice fire or just to have the scent fill your home!!

JACK FROST is a handpainted snowman i finished up today and will be listing on my etsy site tonight. He is nice and prim and would make a great holiday decroation you could leave out all winter long. You can see I cut some branches of our different pines and placed them in a big big ol enamel ware pot i have then added an old vintage pair of ice skates. This is settin on my inside porch and smell so yummy!! If you are in need of fresh cut pine branches give a hollar we have lots and sell them at our farmstand. They are listed in etsy too!! We have cedar,douglas fir, jack pine and white pine. I love to fill up all kinds of containers with branches and set around. They also have some great pine scented essential oils out there you could just place a few drops on artificial pines!

OK we are under a winter storm so hopefully by am i can get some really pretty pics of the snowfall. It has been so windy that it blows all that beauty off the trees. I have my fingers crossed and am doin my snowdance for more to come!! YEE HAW!!!

*******LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW******and........... LET IT SNOW SOMEMORE*******LOL

Have you ever just walked outside on a quiet still winters night with just the moon lighting the sky and the snow falling ever so gracefully???? U HAVE TO DO IT!! It is the most wonderful feeling I just cant explain it but it is very peaceful!!! SO GET OUT THERE IN THE SNOW!! LOL

~~~~Have a great night yall~~~~

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TUES thoughts

OK well it is tues and after running errands and pickin up feed this am then to buy some ingredients for baking this week got home and instead of working out in the barn cutting wood here i is!!! GEEZEEEEEEEE gotta get my butt workin or will never be ready for my big open house/show next weekend. Wanted to let yall know bout a super wonderful blog to visit. They are havin a drawing with a couple of amazing pieces of work!! A super primitive snowman and santa!!!! GOTTA CHICK EM OUT!! here is a link
Hurry they are adorable!!!
I said i was gonna post pics of our snow but the dang wind blew it all off of the trees and some has melted but the ground is still all white. I will take pics as we are gonna get snow all week so hopefully it will look pretty pretty again for yall!
Also I will be offering our gourmet dipped pretzels and chocolate bark on here too!! If you didnt know already we are fully licensed by the stated and the kitchen i use is a full bakery kitchen fully licensed too. You can chick out some of my cookies i have at my etsy site but will be posting here too if anyone is interested!! We make everything from scratch and only use high quality ingredients plus as much local ingredients as possible. Just leave a comment or give me a hollar!!
Have a prim delighful day and will chat more later (after i at least get something productive done)LOL
HUGS!Website Counter

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Monday, November 17, 2008


OK FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! we got snow and boy we got snow!! so far 4 inches and we have it in forecast til sat. YEAH!! It is about time!! NOW i want to paint snowmen!!! Yeah!! I bought these battery operated lcd lights at a dollar general store and grubbied them up to prim perfection!! I have big plans on things to do with them so you will have to be on the lookout for my next post about them!!! will let ya see as soon as i get in the barn and cut out wood i need!! Hope yall are havin a great day and KEEP WARM!! Dont forget to carry extra blankets and boots in your vehicle plus i like to keep a flashlight and extra socks just in case!! you never know when you need this stuff!!

Hugs!! Have a prim delightful night!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Back from show

PLEASE click on this site to help sheltered four legged friends!~~ THANKS bunches!!

Ok well here are a couple of my booth pics from show this weekend. It was a good show a bit down from last year but still good turnout. I listed a few new things on my etsy shop and will put more on tomorrow am ready for a good nights sleep now!!
Have a great night!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

ALtered ARt Ornaments

Well now that i am almost done with some of the projects from today here are my altered style wood ornaments i did up. THEY are fun!!! Got 12 done so will put em on a small tree in a watering can for display i think. WHACHA yall think of em????