Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 Thankful thoughts Tues

This is BUBBA~~he is such a little goof!! Love that hat!!LOL
Buster and Barney are sleeping on the couch and a pic of one of my santa crows.

Ok well no snow today just rain!! YUK!! it is windy and rainy plus sleetin here and there. Well been busy busy busy paintin tryin to get ready for the show this weekend!! I will post lots of pics when i get home sunday.
I made a list of 10 of some important things that i am THANKFUL for :
1. A wonderful loving family and the fact that we are very close to each other including my hubby's wonderful family in this too!!
2. my kids!!
3. my super duper wonderful hubby
4. that we are all here to be together another year
5.that there are brave young and old men and women in this great country that keep it safe for all of us !!
6. I still have a job
7. We have a roof over our heads, heat in our home and food on our tables
8. Great friends near and far
9. my creative abilities (truly thankful to the good lord above for this)
10. Internet! (I have met my bestest friends thru the puter)
Now take a min to think of 10 that would be on your list~~
**Please when you bow your heads to give thanks on Thanksgiving think of the dear men and women that are away from their families to protect the good ol USA!!**
Here's hoping your and your family has a blessed peaceful Thanksgiving day!!!

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This sounds so fun...I really wish I was closer...I hope you will post alot of pics of the day and your goods! Your prims I have peeked at are very cute! Blessings for Thanksgiving and happy selling for your show!