Sunday, November 9, 2008

Moe,Gus and altered pendants!!

Well here are Moe and Gus 2 of our white palm turkeys, they are so cool!! I can talk to them and they come running and talk (gobble ) back to me. LOL and as you can see i am posting pics of some altered art pendants i been doing since 4 am this am!! Just want to create and they are so much fun to do!! I did list some on my etsy site if ya wanna take a peek along with my charm bracelets. Actually i am on my way to the bakery to make some more goodies for our farmstand and also am thinkin bout making some sweet tater butter!! Sounds yummy if you like sweet taters that is!! we love em. So what is your weather like today? IT is downright cold, windy, rainy and miserable out but that is the start of winter here. 40 degrees so it is winter coat and mitten day. One a good note i actually almost fell over when i drove into gas station last night $1.99 a gallon DO YOU REMEMBER the last time gas was below 2.00?? WOW!! that was a nice surprise. OK WHAT WAS THE CHEAPEST YOU REMEMBER GAS??? When i first started driving it was .89cents a gallon!!

Off to bake have a wonderful day yall!!


Sandra said...

Wow 89 cents a gal...I use to get it for 52 cents a gals...LOL
Sign of the Times.
But we are blessed to be driving...right!
Love the charms...nice !!

craftychick said...

THANKS SANDRA!! I entered your name in my drawing. Yeah now gas is 1.79 a gallon, just scared for when it starts goin the other way!!