Saturday, November 8, 2008


Ok we dug out a couple of old pics my mom had laying around and these 2 were too special not to post!! I have been playing around today with our scanner which we have had for a few years and i never had a need now i love it!! Scanned some old vintage bingo cards, some letters, pics and well anything that can get under that scanner will NOT be safe from me and my altering ways!! LOL
It is now down in the 40s today raining/sleeting/windy and BRRRRRRRRR cold weekend. And all our beautiful colorful leaves are on the ground ready for us to pick up and move away. At least it is too stinkin wet to do any of that today!! DARN!! Off to scan somemore!! YIPPEE!!
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1 comment:

simple~needs said...

i love the vintage pics.... ya know, you gave me an idea. i never thoguht of using my scanner to copy bingo cards and such. duh, i am such a ditz sometimes. :)

have a great weekend.