Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well today was quite a productive craftin day!! As i mentioned before a dear friend and I are having an open house/holiday market in a little hall we rented next weekend!! Gosh cant believe next week is Thanksgiving!!

So the pine cones are a favo around here!! They are fire starters!! SO HERE IS YOUR PINE CONE LESSON!!!

HERE is how you can make them for your holiday home!!

you will need an old METAL muffin tin, open pinecones, some sawdust or shredded bedding for animals, wax, (i use paraffin since it is flammable) crayons, (optional for color) essential oils.

Just melt your wax down, i use an old electric fry pan on LOW (that is only used for wax) then as the wax is melting add a few drops of essential oil. While that is melting take just a small pinch of wood material and place in each muffin cup, then place a few spoonfuls of wax into cup, place a pine cone in each then i like to pour a couple of spoons of wax over cone so it gets on the whole cone and drips into cup to fill that. THATS IT!! you just let them sit overnight, or til completely cool!! You can put them outside if it is cold and they will fall right out of muffin cup. HAVE FUN!! these are great to set in with your kindling to start a nice fire or just to have the scent fill your home!!

JACK FROST is a handpainted snowman i finished up today and will be listing on my etsy site tonight. He is nice and prim and would make a great holiday decroation you could leave out all winter long. You can see I cut some branches of our different pines and placed them in a big big ol enamel ware pot i have then added an old vintage pair of ice skates. This is settin on my inside porch and smell so yummy!! If you are in need of fresh cut pine branches give a hollar we have lots and sell them at our farmstand. They are listed in etsy too!! We have cedar,douglas fir, jack pine and white pine. I love to fill up all kinds of containers with branches and set around. They also have some great pine scented essential oils out there you could just place a few drops on artificial pines!

OK we are under a winter storm so hopefully by am i can get some really pretty pics of the snowfall. It has been so windy that it blows all that beauty off the trees. I have my fingers crossed and am doin my snowdance for more to come!! YEE HAW!!!

*******LET IT SNOW LET IT SNOW******and........... LET IT SNOW SOMEMORE*******LOL

Have you ever just walked outside on a quiet still winters night with just the moon lighting the sky and the snow falling ever so gracefully???? U HAVE TO DO IT!! It is the most wonderful feeling I just cant explain it but it is very peaceful!!! SO GET OUT THERE IN THE SNOW!! LOL

~~~~Have a great night yall~~~~

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