Wednesday, March 30, 2011

CR84FN challenge card3/30/11

HEY YALL!!  my goodness it has been a hectic week, gettin ready for winter markets and well just tryin to get things cleaned up and organized for planting time.  We have to replace all the plastic around our greenhouse very soon like this weekend soon!! The winter winds just trashed it and shredded every piece on it.
It is a new week which means a new color challenge too!!  and these colors are so nice and vibrant and fun!!
While my mom and I were at hobby lobby yesterday buying some prom goodies for the shop I also purchased some great and I mean GREAT looking papers by of cource my favo MY MINDS EYE!! the line is called lost and found and I bought every one, well 2 of each kind anyway I could have gone "chick wild" and bought them all for sure!! 
They have a very nice vintage feel and look and oh they are just wayyyyyyy too me!!  LOL I will have some extra time this weekend now that the Glenn Winter market on saturdays is over so that means CREATE time!!!   YEE HAW!!  makes me happy happy!!
I had a bunch of asst color mulberry paper flowers that looked great layered on this card.   and as yall know I adore polka dots!!    The green card base is by MARTHA STEWART, and then I added the garnet colored cardstock to the back of my patterend paper, this is one of the sheets I loved called vintage princess. 

The numbered sheet is by MY MINDS EYE one of the ones I just love!!  and then the pearl flourish was new I cut it up and added this piece and then have a page in mind for the other part of it.  Love those colors too.

So this week it was a Happy Birthday card.
I am off to the kitchen to get cookies, breads and some cakes made today!! busy bakin day planned.
Hope yall have a wonderful wed!!
Be back soon


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some finished projects

In honor of my mommys birthday we went to the new casino that opened up nearby.  Only an hour away!  It is a fun place and I could really enjoy working there with all the excitement of Vegas but not being too far away from my loving home and family!! LOL I really dont think I could handle the noise more than a couple of hours though so scratch the job thing!! LOL
Anyway we played alot of different slot machines, some poker and also had lunch there which was very good.  I loved spending it with her my dad even gave her some spending $$ but we really didnt win much back!! just had alot of laughs. It was so busy when we left in the afternoon I was glad we got there early.  All kinds of machines and they even had a Survivor one!! with the early on seasons cast member pics on it.. Like Rupert for one!! and it was a penny slot so had to play on that one for awhile!   We really didnt understand the slots but that didnt matter to us. Just had fun!! 
Tue I did whip up a batch of some new shortbread cookies!  Chocolate chip cardamom!!  Actually I like the flavor I didnt put alot of cardamom in since it is a strong spice but pairs nicely with the bitter sweet chocolate. 

Mini chocolate chips were used in them.  They look cute too!!

And with full market season opening around the corner I started making some of my dip mixes up.  This is a onion dip mix that is great to season meatloaf, tried it the other night.  I like it for a chip dip or for pretzels!! yummo!!

Pkgs waiting for labels.  Ran out of ink in our printer so will have to make a trip to the store today or tomorrow.   AND a dear friend ordered some painted wine glasses from me so finished them up.  They are for the Ohio State University Buckeyes!! 

They were fun to do, let me tell u workin with glass paint is entirely different from acryllics which I am mostly used to workin with.  But I am happy with the way they turned out. 

And did up a few altered pendant necklaces up.  this one states "sisters rock" and on the back it says best friends forever. 

I have a couple to finish up like one that has a little girl and dog image and says "the more I know about men the more I like my dog" LOL too cute!! 
And here is a cute image of a little girl holding onto her favo teddy bear.  I added some mini punched flowers and her hat and the words True Friends to the front. 

The back has the same punched flowers and the word "Cherish" stamped on using my JUST RITE mini word stamp.  And the definition cherish.  Love love love polka dotted papers!! I have to dig out more of my papers in my stash to work with them. 
So that is it for the past couple of days today is baking cookie day for market sat and maybe makin a batch or 2 of pierogies.

Hope yall have a glorious thursday!!! the sun is shinin here and it actually isnt too cold, 30s today maybe in the 40s I can handle that!! 


Monday, March 21, 2011

Marvelous Monday CR84FN card

Actually any day I spend at home with my boys is MARVYY!!   I have to brag about our new little guy Bruno!! he just has been such a joy and little love bug and has fit in our family perfectly.   This is just what we needed to move on and heal our hearts and like I mentioned before we really believe our beloved Bubba had a "paw" in helping us and guiding us to Bruno.  
Ok so on to this weeks color challenge for cr84fn LOVE THESE together.  Plum, Lavender, and Green YUMMO! colors!! 
I ended up using some cream color paper and painted it light lavender and plum to mimic watercolors.    The flower is one of my altered chipboard flowers, painted, stamped then I added some purpley colored Tim Holtz glitter stickles and wiped it off a bit.     The happy hellos is stamped using one of my STAMPING UP greeting stamps. 

I used green paper and stamped and polka dotted it up then antiqued it a bit for the stem and leaves.   The sheet music on bottom has the words happy hellos stamped randomly on it. 
I doodled the flourishes and dots around the flower with a blk marker pen. 

This is Miss Olivia with her spring flower collar on, she is  our special visitor to market.  She is such a litle doll baby and what a personality!! 

My Buster chillin on his couch!! yes it is just his couch, hubby wont let me pitch it and really it is because Buster loves this couch and sprawls out on it everyday!!  We will keep it in the living room just for him. 

And my other boys chillin on our new couch.

And with yesterday being the first official day of spring we had to share pics of my friends baby goats.  These little does are only 2 days old. and just too adorable.  We started the spring day off with sleet, snow then rain then ended with lots of thunder and lightning.    Crazy michigan weather but we love this area!!

Elsie with her younuns. 

LOOK at that most precious face!! I want baby goats!!  lol one day we will add on the side of the barn a little birthing room!!  just for goats!! 

My nanny would make really cute babies but she doesnt like any other goats besides Beau her buddy but he is a weather  (fixed) so cannot make babies and I really dont think she would do well so will have to get another nanny.    I dont see a problem with that we love goats and 2 isnt enough! LOL 
Hope  yall have a wonderful springy day!!
Be back soon


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An altered organizer day

I have to say yesterday was just a wonderfully perfect day!! It was my birthday and  started out with my sweet mom and brother taking me out for breakfast, then came home and putzed around the house and did a few things in my little studio and then took the "boys" for a walk and then a ride bye bye, hubby came home after work and we watched tv and had supper and played outside with the "boys".  What a perfect day!!
Our little Bruno is so well fitted for our family he is a blessing from above that is for sure. 

A friend was talkin bout using foam core board and it reminded me of pins I made using it last year.   This one i made using foam core as the base, it is nice an lightweight and easily cut with an exacto knife.  I adhered the cut out fairy ontop of some sheet music paper, then stamped some flourishes on it and added those beautiful wings.  Using my JUST RITE stamps I stamped the words believe and dream on it.  The sides I just painted with some metallic silver paint, added a few layers of triple thick glaze and a pin back and that was it.  easy peasy!

Had to put a pic of my favo flower on today, Sunflowers have been a long time favo of mine and with all these dark, grey glooomy days I wanted something a bit bright to look at!! they just make ya smile and think of long sunny summer days laying in the grass looking up in the blue sky and watching the clouds lazily roll by.  OH cant wait for summer!!

Ok I posted the start of this book awhile ago and finally finished all the embellishements on it.  It is used for my orders for markets.  I MUST be organized this year!!  Once market season opens and the farm is in full swing things get crazy and busy and I get .................gulp..................yes a bit absent minded! well maybe just a bit forgetful sounds better ????  Anyway I figured I needed something fun to help me be more ontop of things this year.  

Each page has the day of the week on the end tab and inside there is a pocket that I have paperclipped papers to, to write the requested item in. 

Using lots of emphemera and my altered chipboard and ribbons and bakers twine this will be perfect. 

I just love the blue frame around this bunch of forget me not flowers.    Lots of stamping and altering was done to make this.  And I had this old vintagey label in my stash Miss Muffets fine teas and cakes!  Fit rather perfect for my bakery organizer. 

Even though I am a primitive kind of distressed gal I love pinks and browns together.   Love my flourish stamps and these were stamped with TIM HOLTZ distressing inks.  I dry brushed almost every detail with black paint for my prim look. 

Ticket stubs, hearts, postage stamps, words, and well just about any and everything is in here.  

This is what I started out with.  Just some pretty folders from a local dollar store.     I cut each one in 1/2 and I think you get 3-4 in a pkg.  They had a couple of different ones but since I am a pink fan this was best for me.

So now run out to your nearest dollar store and make one for yourself.   I am finding a bit of organizing doesnt hurt at all!! LOL I must admit I have good intentions and start the year off with high hopes of letting that organizing part of me show but it does get pushed to the wayside so hopefully this will help me out!! 
I am off to start baking for market so hope yall have a wonderful glorious wed. and I will be back soon!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


WE got another Boston!~!~  Another boy too and his name is BRUNO, we didnt name him but when I heard his name started with a "B" knew it was meant to be~!~  He was in foster since being rescued and is such a sweet guy!! 
Buster Barney and Bruno now.  They played ALL night long, keeping mommy up so we are gonna take a nap here really soon! 

He already has been givin Barney his bath!! (which Bubba did every night)
I think that Bubba surely had a paw in gettin us together with Bruno.  He has some similiarties to our Bubba and it is really cute!!
Our handsome little guy!! 
I always seem to get pics of them stickin their tounges out or smiling or yawning!!
Loves this little lion animal and suckeled it the whole way home in the truck.  We were on the road 8 hours yesterday. to get him and bring him home but I think was wellllllllllll worth it for sure!! He already has our hearts and Buster and Barney's too!!
He loves stuffed animals and we bought each of them these loofa toys that make noises!! The chick peeps, the pig grunts (well kind of ) and the cow moos.  Yes I heard that chick alot thru the night he brought it in the bedroom and between jumpin up and down in and out of the bed umpteen million times I am hopin they are worn out and will sleep now!! LOL

I am off to take a nap with the boys and will be back to share some new things I am working on when I am more awake!! 
Have a great afternoon!!