Friday, May 1, 2015

baking new things!

wow! What a week it has been we are getting ready for the grand opening which is May 16th of the cafe!!  ~~LIVE LIFE JOYFULLY~~and SIMPLY~~
this amazing humidor display case is going to be for baked good. in it right now I have some cheddar and chive scone that are amazing! And a coffee cake with an almond streusel crumb topping.

 a good friend came to teach me how to make french macarons! a lot of steps involved but it was fun and they are so good next I have to make the chocolate ganache filling for the pretty light pink green ones

 you have to have the egg whites be just perfectly

so here are a few of them piped out they have to dry a little while before you can have them in the oven

a close up of the cheddar chive scone. after trying one we decided they were lacking just something, so we have some of our red onion marmalade made and tried that oh my gosh!! That is absolutely perfection together!

 So here's a picture of the coffee cake I made in a sheet pan with a very good coating of almond streusel crumb topping just out of the oven

 and here you can see the squares I cut up after putting a little bling of just a dusting of powdered sugar on each one

 these are large loavess of our house made challah bread let me tell you this bread makes the most amazing french toast! so we are going to have French toast Fridays at the cafe using the challah bread

 and a pic of our PBJ panini which is our house made almond honey butter with red onion marmalade and some cream cheese this is absolutely yummy!
 we are making everything as much as possible in house so made some cheddar dill crackers to go on one of our farm boards these turned out amazing also

 it's just cheese butter flour fresh herbs and kosher flake salt and we have a winner! I can see a bag of these in the takeout cooler with a bowl of our house made fresh hummus! I think I'm going to try and do some seated ones with sesame poppy seeds and maybe parmesan on top yeah that sounds really yummy too!

So as you can see we're pulling things together we have a training tomorrow Saturday of employees and making coffee or coffee supplier Uncommon Grounds will be here to help support and teach! if you like coffee you will love their coffee it's absolutely wonderful! so I am off to bake and I will be back to share more very soon hope you all have a wonderful day!!  Happy happy baking and cooking and creating!!  

Sunday, April 12, 2015

~hey yall!!   Wow spring has sprung full force here in beautiful mi!!  Yeah. Yippee. Yee haw!!  So love springtime here!  Well acruall love all our gorgeous seasons!  Babies and more babies coming!  At my friends farm, where my precious kids are there are 4 pregnant heifers ready anyday to calf.  We get so excited each day thinking today is the day. I need to get better pics of the girls while they are still pregnant cant believe how big they are.  Clarise, Penny, Ashtabula and Touch are the ladies names.  Sweeties too!!  
my sweetheart happy my horse turn 31 this month I can't believe he's not order any I've had him for 24 years now and he amazes me each and every day he is completely blind but that does not stop that worst one bit big baby!   Miss rosie may is my only goat now and that little doll is 13. Good grief how time flies!!
We are still doing winter farmers/artisans market in south haven and have a few more weeks to go until the crazy busy season!  At winter market  we have baked goods, produce, fresh eggs, goats milk products, seasonings, teas, honey, maple syrup, and handmade product that make wonderful gifts.  And a lot of things I didn't mention!  I get to see and visit with customers ( friends) and a gal I worked with a few years ago!  Fun fun fun!  

this little cutie pie is Jax my boyfriends dog and I'm his mommy too 

this is Tank and he is just that!  But actually a big baby!  Lover boy though!!  
So life is good I see my "boys" regularly at my ex's house so that works. I do miss those kids though but life does go on and when one door closes definitely another opens.   Wow its gonna be 68 today already it's 57 and still morning!!  
Well I will be back to share more pics at Root. Dawn worked there yesterday with a few friends finishing details up.   Have a wonderful day talk soon!!  

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Here are pics!!
Table top with history of fennville on aged papers

a peek at our counter. It took Dawn and I 5 hours to cover with pennies and epoxy on top but is so cool!  

Ahh my little Barney!  Lol such a doll baby with his giraffe toy

a glimpse of the board table top love the pew seating!  

Our menu chalkboards. They so remind me of little house on the prairie school!  

Dawns farm cart complete with coffee sac awning!!  

Strawberry n cheese galettes.  Let me say these were super yummy. 

Mr tank in his tommy sweater I made him.  

Gakettes after baking. Yummo!  

And here's Dawn writing on our daily special board. 

And playing this winter at Dawns!   I can tell you we made homemade honey cashew butter and put it on a panini with other ingredients and wow!  Will let you know more asap!!  I'm hungry and gotta go cook!!  Too much fun. 
Root coffeehouse and cafe fennville, mi!! 
oh my goodness! Finally I have gotten back into my blog yay! I am so sorry for being gone so long I changed emails and I've had a horrible time trying to get logged back in for some reason? so I am back with all kinds of exciting news! This year is bringing it very exciting new adventure!!!
Root is going to be opening may 16!  A coffee shop cafe in downtown fennville!  What does this have to do with me??  My dear friend Dawn is opening it and i will be doing the bakung for it and cooking up some scrumtious breakfast and lunch items!  so we have played around all winter with new creations and some of the tried and true ones i have made for markets thru the years. I cannot believe I have been doing Market full time since 2009 but been doing Market since 2000!

With that being said I am so excited to have this opportunity and we'll make the most of it! I will still have product at South Haven farmers market this summer will be sharing the booth with someone else.

Just to give you an idea and a little sneak peek into Root we will be making breakfast paninis, croissants, oatmeals, soups, vegetarian options, frittatas, roasted taters and   bakery items!! And much more.  Will post pics when we actually start making things there.
Things are hectic and fun at the same time.  I am still doing some altered creations we made some cuff bracelets most recently that turned out so cool!!
I will try to get some pics tonight yet.
So excited to be back on here I forgot pics!!  Be back in a bit!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

happy early fall

~~LIVE LIFE JOYFULLY~~and SIMPLY~ first off sorry its been so long from my last posts but thank you to all my wonderful followers I value each and everyone! Well hello there y'all. Wow wow oh wow its been soooo long since I been here so sorry! I have a whole years worth of catching up now! Lol. Life has been well to say the very least crazy! My life has flipped upside down so many times I lost count ! But now hopefully I will be back to my old ramblings I miss my blog! One of the many changes is I am working at a friends studio! Pottery studio and let me say working with the clay and being on her beautiful farm has been just the kind of therapy my life needed! Yes I am still doing markets and baking just only my south haven market though and the same friend opened farmhouse 1981 in our town which features locally made art and foods. I will add pics if I can from my new tablet. ???still learning this thing. Nothing like my computer though!! Lol. So with all that said let me see if I can add pics of the store I am working in.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cold Monday

Hey there!! Well I am at the cancer center with my mom again today so thought I would post again! So cannot wait to get my internet and puter fixed at home!! I used to post almost every day or so and now just here and there. Thank you to everyone for being patient and for following my little blog. My last post I told yall there were many changes in my life and one being single again but its all good! I am having a great time with the new man in my life and his wonderful family. We have 2 dogs Jax and Tank. Jax goes to market with me every week (Buster you will always be my number one market buddy!!) but Jax does very well, he is a little mix that looks like a small fox and made quite an impression on customers this summer. I am very thankful to have him in my life yall know I couldnt be without dogs in my life. Tank is my boyfriends dog and goes to work with him everyday and he is a very smart 5 month old. Jax will be a year old for halloween! We were just visited by 2 very sweet special rehab furry kids here at the center, one was a big retriever and the other a little pug, both were very sweet. I regret not taking the time to take Buster Brown more regularly to visit people in nursing homes or hospitals he had the perfect disposition and loved everything and everyone. A specail one of a kind furry kiddo who is greatly missed baby!! Well my mom is up now so I am off to sit with her and play yahtzee!! Love our little game time together! Have a blessed Monday I promise I will be back soon!! Winter Market in South Haven starting this sat!! 10-1 at FOUNDRY HALL on Eagle Street!! I am also doing Bronson Hospital Winter Market starting in november in Kalamazoo!! HUGS YALL!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

sorry been MIA~~~

~~LIVE LIFE JOYFULLY~~and SIMPLY~~   HEY YALL!!!!  OMG!~!   It has been a year and I will be thrilled when 2013 is over!~!
This year has been full of turmoil in my life and my family!  I wont bore you with all the details but want to say I am so sorry for being gone so incredibly long believe me I  HAVE SO MISSED BLOGGING!!  I dont have my puter hooked up and am using a local one right now to post this but plan on being around more and sharing my life again!! Just right now I will say my life has been completely flipped upside down and what a roller coaster ride it has been!!~
I will say I am thankful for the Good Lord above because I never thought I was as strong of a person as I have found out I am.  Thanks MOM!!!  I love you for that and for always being here for me!!      I did loose my bestest friend BUSTER our lab boxer dog this summer which was a complete shock and never expected that!!  Buster Brown mommy loves and misses you very much and thinks of you everyday baby!!  He is in heaven with his brother Bubba!!
Before I start balling I will stop and say that life is good even with all the challenges I have faced and been forced to face!! 
I have been busy at markets and enjoying trying new things and hope to be able to share them with you again very soon.   Miss my laptop but it is in repair and hopefully will be fixable.   I have an android smartphone but dang there is so many things on that phone I still have to learn!! WOW what a great tool it is!!

I hope and pray yall have had a most blessed year and stop back often as I promise to be around more now that life is calming down a bit!  Winter markets starting in a couple of weeks!
Be back soon!
Thanks yall!!