Friday, January 12, 2018

Hey yall!!!    Typical MI weather yesterday it was 54 degrees and raining and snow melting like crazy, then last night it started freezing and snowing and icy and its 32 outside right now but we have an actic blast of cold air coming tonight and for the weekend. 
Love MI though!!  So today I played around with a few new things at work.  I make my grandmother Rose's cinnamon roll dough which is pretty much like a challah recipe, for our cinnamon rolls but started doing savory things with it to try something different. 
So I made a bechemel sauce and added some parsley, garlic, onion powder, salt, pepper, grated parmesan cheese  and Dijon mustard
I rolled out the dough into a square and spread the sauce on it, then added some steamed garlic spinach and a slice of baked honey ham and cheddar cheese and folded the corners in to make a pocket, brushed with egg warsh and topped with some black sesame seeds and parley.  Baked for 20 minutes and oh boy did they smell yummy!!
And here they are!! 
I am wondering now if I could make these and freeze then take out and bake??  HMMM may have to try a few and see what happens.  
And heres a peach pecan coffee cake which I cannot wait to have a piece of.!!  I made cinnamon roasted pecans in the oven and added those for extra flavor.  

These are another of my Grandmother Rose's recipes it actually is her kolacky recipe that I have altered and turned it into our "uncommon" cheese pastry.  So you make a long rope with dough, roll it and cut and twist it up and then roll into a round shape and top with cream cheese filling.  I add some fruit to them also but today just did plain cheese ones.  Then after baking they get a vanilla glaze drizzled ontop.  These are so yummy I have to put them in the case or what is left in the kitchen doesn't have a chance!!LOL 
Hope yall have a great day!! 
I will be back soon to share more treats and lovelies when I get them made!!  


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