Tuesday, January 30, 2018

HEY YALL!! happy TUES!!~
This  is our sweet Curly one of our alpacas, the dad to Harley.  He is such a sweet timid gentle guy.  I want to have this pic blown up and on a canvas for our living room wall. 

This was Louise's first litter in sept and this pic was so sweet!  She had a terrible time with her delivery my boyfriend was with her the whole time while I was at work, she had 6 and lost 2. but they are so dang adorable and she was such a good little mommy.

I have been making these guys every weekend, people love them.  They are sautéed spinach in garlic infused oil, Dijon mustard sauce, mozzarella and parm cheese, and topped with a baked egg all ontop of my buttery soft brioche

We did a couple of craft/artisan markets last winter, I went thru my hoarding stash of silverware and made necklaces.  These were popular and so cute, I added scrapbook papers to the back and then painted the cat face on them and added wording.  

this was the most popular ones.  MOTHER CLUCKER!! lol each one had a different chicken or rooster on them

and got out my bin of old leather belts I have been buying for a couple years now and made a bunch of cuff bracelets.  This was the fist one to sell, I loved the color and almost kept it for myself, made one for me though that was a pink color band.  
More spoon necklaces

I have a bunch more ready to be made just haven't had the time to sit down and work on them for this year.  I love how they are turning out though.   
I have a day of running to do so better get my butt going.  Hope yall have a wonderful day be back soon!!  

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