Tuesday, October 30, 2012

been busy creating!!

Well first I want to say I truly hope and pray the east coast is doing better from Sandy.  We have had some horrible wicked winds here.  My mom and I went down to the beach nearby and seen the waves like never before!! angry angry looking sky and the waves were crashing up over the pier around the lighthouse.  Scarey stuff!!  I cant imagine living thru a hurricane like this!   So much devastation around us!

Altered spoon ornaments I just finished today.  Love the santa!  Any of these are for sale $5.00 plus shipping

This little angel one is a vintage image from K&CO's new xmas die cut pack!! you cant see too good but there are some beads attached to the handle which I bent forwards along with a star bead too. 

An old old spoon here with snowman head and tis the season with beads around handle. 

Altered microscope slide ornie, they get soldered around edges and a hanger.  this one for dog lovers has backside done up also

backs of dog slide ornies $5.00 each plus shipping
My mom closed the shop this summer and we have been moving things out so I am listing some sale items I have left that I made.

I have one left of these standing verse signs.  They are on sale for $8.00 plus shipping 8 in tall 8 1/2 in wide at base, burgandy pip berries across the top with rusty metal stars

Prim angel 29 in tall, rusty wire halo, holding onto a prim wreat with rusty metal stars and red berries $15.00 plus shipping

painted birdhouse napkin holder $5.00 plus shipping both sides painted

Prim angel with sheep wire hair $14.00 plus shipping designed from a Terrye French pattern

standing peace crow $8.00 plus shipping

Friends sign 12 in wide SALE $5.00 plus shipping

ONE LEFT~~ snowman frame *the bottom barn red piece can be personalyzed just let me know!!  $15.00 plus shipping nice large size  12 1/4 in wide x  17 in tall wire hanger on top.

set of 3 blue or soft sage green words  Love Live Laugh   $6.00 set plus shipping these are 3 1/2 in tall x 7 long

Faith prim angel $8.00 plus shipping13 in tall

my apple crisp mix in muslin bag $5.00 bag makes 9x13 pan of crisp.  only had apples, butter, vanilla

altered microscope slide ornies $5.00 plus shipping

Oh and this is my "big red" truck  This is my second big lifted suburban and I LOVE big trucks!! she only gets 10 miles to the gallon but I feel so safe in this truck!! and I love the color! of cource it is like barn red! LOL 

homemade marshmallows!! $2.50 pkg of 6 squares plus shipping  THESE are absolutely awesomeness!! and with our homemade graham crackers!! Oh my!!

another altered vintage image spoon ornie! $5.00 plus shipping!!

sign $14.00 plus shipping 

finished ornies~ 

backs of ornies

so if you are interested in anything please let me know!! I will be listing more things asap!! lamps and signs and more ornies and snowmen coming!!
TAlk soon with more goodies


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Challah & fall pics

Oh I swear this has been the best fall we have had in years!!! The trees even though they have gone thru a terrible year between our early warm weather then freezing after they started with leaves, then the severe drought and now excessive amounts of rain they have given us the most beautiful color show!!!
I cant stop taking pics!  Everyday it just gets prettier outside!!

Yesterday Mary and I had a busy day getting ready for markets this week.  Wed=100 mile market in Kalamazoo and thurs=Allegan market (last one of the season) 
My glazed pistachio bread loaves were setting up

I bought some great red swiss chard at market so made chard rolls with a vegetable and rice filling forgot to take pics of them packaged.

personal size pumpkin bread pudding with cinnamon sauce.  Mary had a great idea to bake some in our jumbo muffin pans and they turned out super!!

here they are waiting for the cups of sauce to go in with them 

and we made cheddar topped foccacia (which by the way is delish grilled with more cheese for a cheesey grilled sandwich!! yummo!

cut up for sandwiches
and our drive near the farmstand looked so pretty.  The leaves were gracefully falling from the trees it was almost magical outside.  I couldnt snap a perfect pic to show them flowing to the ground

hubby's new toy! 

Challah bread loaves  LOVE the way the braided loaves look!  Some are topped with organic poppy seed and sesame seeds just for fun=)

A look at the drive towards the barn and coop

and this little maple tree is just glowing!! So gorgeous!! I truly feel blessed to have seen such magnificent colors!!
I am off to the kitchen to finish things up and package the cookies for market this afternoon.
Hope yall have a wonderful day.  Today and tomorrow are gonna be in the 70s here again and only a very slight possibility for rain! woo hoo!! kind of sick of rain lately!!
Hope yall have as great a day as we are gonna in your neck of the country!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

More painting done

I think so far this is my favo one of the "painting season" Love the words on the sides!  I thought that would be fun and different

I do like the light green on this one and the simple snowman watching the house. 

I thought I would do a long one for above a fierplace or doorway

smaller one  that would be perfect next to a door to greet guests

another smaller one

I put them outside around the farmstand today.  Since it is FINALLY NOT!!! raining or windy here~

And my big basket mum with a chicken welcome sign in it. 
Hope yall enjoy this beautiful day!!  IT is just gorgeous outside I am outta here to get some outside chores done!! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

last outdoor market today!

And of cource it is raining!! LOL we have gotten sooooooooo much rain this fall!!  making up for the drought this summer I guess!! but naturally it has to be coming on our market days!!
So this is South Haven's last outdoor market day and then November 3rd we start inside at Foundry Hall for our Winter Market with a great line up of farms/vendors being there!! I will post about that once we start and also give pics!!

So yesterday was a long day baking at the kitchen.  I feel blessed to have a dear sweet friend MARY join us baking! WHEW!! I would probably still be there getting ready for market if it wasnt for her and Susan making things!!

I made up some lavender shortbread cookies

Susan made praline pecan bars *when I took this pic they just came out of the oven still bubbling!*

Mary made this delish batch of chocolate coconut biscotti bites!! oh my goodness I could eat the whole batch!~! SERIOUSLY** love biscotti!!
hmmmmmmmmmmm maybe if we have some left I make buy a few and hide em!! LOL

this is Susan's Aunt Rosalee's crispy molasses cookies that Mary made!! Oh my these guys are pretty and yummy too!!

these little guys baked up so nice!

oh they look so pretty!! 

I also made a batch of pumpkin spice bars with cream cheese frosting which are pretty tasty too!!

and then I was so so pleased with this pinterest recipe I just had to make!!  Cinnamon Braid Bread
You roll it up jelly roll style then cut in 1/2  twist the two ends together and fan out the edges and shape into a circle.
 (I will find the original post and link it up here, she has awesome step by step directions)  I highly recommend making this bread it is easy peasy!!

So you see these beautiful layers of cinnamony goodness!! oh and buttery too!!=) 

They look so darned pretty but we had to cut one up to see if they matched up in taste!! 

a little "farmgirl bling" of just powdered sugar and water drizzeled on top. 
Ps. they are not only pretty but yes yummy too!! 
So a big THANKS TO MARY AND SUSAN!! and a sneak peek, more marshmallows to come next week!!  Mary is making a special seasonal flavor!! WOOHOO!! 
Have a blessed weekend I will be back soon!!
Sunday is our 12th year anniversary and hubby and I are doing something special with our "MY boys" lol for the day!!  and I am making a special supper for us maybe I will even get a bottle of wine or wellllllllllll probably a sweet fruity one since we dont care much for wine!! LOL
Hugs yall!!