Wednesday, October 3, 2012

halloween cookies

Hey yall!!  What another nice day in our beautiful state!!  It was in the 70s, cloudy and rainy on and off but otherwise very nice outside.  I am having to skip market tomorrow as I am still little miss sickly here.    Going back to doctor tomorrow so should get something this time to kick this infection to the roadside!!  Been up so much at night coughing and my throat is so sore it is quite miserable.  this is crazy for this time of year. 
This weeekend is also the Blue Coast Aritst tour and fall festival weekend.  I made some cookies for a friend of mine to give out at the tour.  She has Khemuno studio in Glenn and does the most amazing raku fired pottery pieces. 
I thought it would be fun to do up some cutesy halloween sugar cookies for her this year.   Ghosts, punkins and witches hats so far. 

I added a little black star to each witch hat

Boo ghosts

and I made up the batter for chocolate chip cream filled chocolate cookie pies.    I also made up some more sugar cookie dough to make some special sugar cookies!! Cant wait to do them up!!
Also made up some gingerbread shortbread, lavender shortbread, and some of my espresso cookie pies!! 

Took some pics going down our little road

the trees are so pretty right now!!

in front of my parents house
Will take more pics when more leaves change color. 
So pretty pretty pretty outside!!  Love the fall!!
Have a great night!!


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