Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin Cream Pie and fall pics

WOW!! I tried another recipe from pinterest and this one is a keeper for sure!! Pumpkin cream pie~!~ who knew???
What a delightful treat!!
I made mine in 1/4 pint jars since I wanted just a personal size one for customers.
we make our own graham crackers so I crumbled up a few to make the crust.  I used my little wooden tamper to pack it in the jars which worked perfectly. 

I made a few 1/2 pints for us at home~ =)

The recipe called for 2 pkgs of vanilla pudding mix but I decided to use one vanilla and one pumpkin spice! 

Using my med size cookie scoop I put the pudding pumpkin mixture in the jars.  perfect perfect size to use a full scoop

then added some homemade whipped cream in a pastry bag with a large star tip to add cream

it needed a touch of something, used a dash of cinamon sugar on top.

Here are some fall pics from on my way home yesterday. 

just near our house there is this little creek, I was hoping to see a couple of deer drinking , but of cource they are usually there when I dont have my cam with !!

this is in our pasture.  there is about every color in the clump of sassafras trees.  So pretty!! I dont want the leaves to fall!~~ we have been blessed with beautiful colors this year!!  GORGEOUSNESS~~
Hope yall have a wonderful fall day I am off to market in Allegan~~

and the lake was crazy, it was terribly windy and pretty breezy today too

another in our pasture.

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