Sunday, April 3, 2016

More Alpacas!!

Ok I think we are really addicted to these fun precious animals!!  They are just adorable!!
So while surfing on the internet I came across a farm nearby that was decreasing their herd, texted them and after going back and forth decided to go take a look and see what they had available.  WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL we went out and came home with 4 more!! 
So this pretty gal is Maybelle, and as you can see she was the challenge.  The whole way from barn to our trailer she would get up and then drop back down and lay down.  up down up down slowly we managed with 4 of us get her loaded.

The dark brown one up front is Truffles, then Maybelle and then in back is mommy Silky and her baby 8 mo old Penelope (penny) and oh what a little doll she is!  They are in with the other 2 gals we got last year, Angel and Becca.

Everyone is fitting in nicely and only 2 months and they can be mated.  They boys are certainly ready they went crazy when we unloaded the new girls. 

They tried climbing the fence panels and as you can see they are pretty tall, quite determined little stinkers.

This is Angel she is such a sweet girl but she definitely rules the barnyard!!  She does not like dogs and will chase after them, and shes pretty tough on the boys when its feeding time, I have to put 3 different feeders around or she will chase everyone out. Such personalities!! 

Heres another pallet sign I painted.  Love daisys and sunflowers and next I am doing some dog ones. 

Good Grief just not enough hours in the day! And with spring almost here its going to be planting time.  The plastic on my greenhouse is destroyed in all the winds we get so that needs to be fixed or it would be full of starters right now. 

 Mocha cookies topped with chocolate swirls  yummy yummy!!

And another new recipe gluten free chocolate chip cookies that  I added some homemade salted caramel to the batter.  Oh wow!!  These are really good and I usually don't like the gluten free recipes.  Its a textural thing with me they seem to have a gritty texture and I don't like that but with these there is coconut flour, and rice flour mix and I am impressed!!  Good recipe I will make again and again!!!
Have a wonderful restful sunday!!
Be back soon!