Sunday, December 27, 2009

Altered wreath and the "boys"

So every year I try to come up with a homemade gift personalyzed for our family to give my mother in law. This year I took an ordinary grapevine wreath and altered a bunch of wooden ovals and circles i cut out of some thin wood. After printing a bunch of xmas day pics out I added some great MY MINDS EYE christmas glittery paper. The paper is from the holiday glitter pack I bought at HOBBY LOBBY, also I used my MARTHA STEWART snowflake punch to add some glittered flakes using some of her white holiday glitter flakes.

Each circles paper is cut with decorative edge scissors and the edges are of cource distressed with TIM HOLTZ distressing inks. (LOVE ALL HIS INKS BTW) they are added on using some E6000 adhesive. My mil loved it! even hubby said it turned out pretty cool!!

So here is my little Mr. Boopie Woopie Boo with some of their wrapped presents. He is starting to get the hang of opening them but Buster and Bubba are pros now!!

Here's a pic of our cookie case at the shop.

Some of my dip mixes and candies and jellies at the shop

These little finnish almond squares are actually quite easy and super yummo!!

My dear friend Susan made these mini pastries up and they are absolutely too pretty to eat!! but they are yummy too!! Love the little marzipan holly on those cookies.

I made these orange spice rounds and of cource they needed that "farmgirl" bling to them so sprinkled each with confection sugar, then dipped 1/2 of the cookie in white chocolate and then colored some of that same white choc red and green to add the little decor in the middle.

Another pic of the cookie case at the shop on xmas eve.

Buster getting ready for presents!!

OH and there is one of their favo toys!! the loofa dogs!! they are too stinkin cute but didnt last too long as you can see by the way he is ripping the hat off this guy.

So it was a glorious holiday with family and friends and my "boys". I do hope yall had a wonderful weekend and please remember all our men and women serving our country and fighting to keep peace in our land!! I pray for each and everyone one of them and the Good Lord above watch and keep them all safe.
"Lord let there be love in our hearts, harmony in our homes, and peace in our land."
Hope you enjoyed the pics and I am taking this coming week to play with some new recipes and get ready to go back to market in Jan. Have a great day!!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

From our family:

This was a pic of my inlaw family in 2005 and for some reason I cant find any of our other family pics from the last couple of years.

A BIG MERRY MERRY MERRIEST OF CHRISTMAS"S from our family to yours!!
Hope yall have a blessed season!!



Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baking and more baking

These are full of my "farmgirl bling" and they are so yummy too
Blinged up butter cookies

Here was Mr. Boopie Woopie Boo when i came in the door last night~~he loves sitting up on that cat perch my hubby built for the cats mind you!! he has taken over!! Silly dog!!

My newest addition! Rustic round cinnamon raisin egg bread loaves

chocolate ganache filled sandwich cookies THESE are one of my favos this season!! Well among lots of others that is LOL

Some asst lemon buttermilk cakes NEKKED LOL

Glazed pistachio mini loaves

Asst size glazed "farmgirl blinged" pistachio breads

These are a finnish butter cookie topped with chopped almonds

Pumpkin cake roll these are so yummy!!

Ok I am off to the shop to get everything set up for our open house today!! Have a great tues yall!!


Monday, December 21, 2009


Floral Touch Florist Last Minute HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE!! WE have a couple of other people coming in to the shop to sell their handmades. Tues December 21st 4pm -8pm (we will be there earlier) Baked goods, floral arrangements, centerpieces, gifts galore, handmade jewerly, altered jewerly, scrapbooks, handmade gift cards, bird feeding cones, scented firestarters, jams/jellies all locally made products for your holiday gifts!!
M-89 and 64th Street Fennville, just 3 miles east of Blue Star Highway and only 5 miles west of Fennville,. We have signs up and lights around the shop so you cant miss it!! Stop on by for snacks too or pick up your holiday desert or breads.

I also wanted to take a minute to CONGRATULATE THE SWEET NATALIE winner of Survivor last night~~ WE love you and are thrilled you won!! ENJOY that vacation!!

have a happy monday i am off to bake bake bake today!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Douglas Brewery market pics

Egg Bread Braids
Cinnamon Raisin Bread rustic rounds

Here are a few pics from the holiday market I was in thurs night at the Douglas Brewery!! WHAT a great place!! If yall need a banquet room for any special occassion check it out! It is right off BLUE STAR HIGHWAY in DOUGLAS MI. It was so nice and decorated and festive, and there even was a guy playing christmas songs on the stage. What a nice touch!
Arent these rugs gorgeous??>>>>>>>>>>>>

This jewlery was beautiful!~
Everything was handmade by local crafters/artists.. Oh and guess who forgot to take pics of their own table?? YEPPER ME!! LOL I was so busy taking others and being with my friend Ruth who I havent seen since market ended I ran out of time..~~oh well so here are a couple of pics of things i baked today.
We are having an open house holiday sale at the flower shop
FLORAL TOUCH FLORIST IN FENNVILLE, MI 6434 124th Ave M-89 this tues night from 4pm to 8pm with alot of snacks and baked goods to buy.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Last minute open house

I am going to be having a last minute open house sale at the Flower Shop this coming Tues night from 4-8pm. Fennville, MI
We will have a couple of area artists bring things and there will be plenty of things to snack on while you mingle and browse thru our gift ideas. Something for everyone!!
6436 124th Ave. Fennville
The lighted sign in front yard will be on for you. Come on over and visit with us!!

Organic dog treats
Joe's Herbs will have some bird feeding things and scented cones
Primitive handpainted signs
Baked goods, breads and cakes
holiday centerpieces and table arrangements available



Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wishbone pet rescue

this little cutie is the wonderfully sweet daughter of one of the gals i met today and isnt that little kitty she is holding a doll!!???

This pic is of "KRAMER" and he is just full of love!!

OH MY GOSH WHAT A WEEKEND!! WHEW! kind of glad it is over now!! let's see Friday was the winter market in Kazoo at Bronson Hospital and it was awesome btw!! Lots of people came for it even though the weather was still kind of nasty, the customers were absolutely the best!! everyone there was so incredibly nice and welcoming!! Cant wait til the next one!!
MEET ROXEE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

so Sat was a small craft show that was ok, and sunday I went to Saugatuck and met the most fantastic caring folks who all are part of the WISHBONE PET RESCUE program!! and let me tell you I lost a part of my heart to a little 2 year old gal named ROXEE!! what a doll!!~~I so want to bring her home!! she is one lovable huggable cuddelable little gal!!!

Here is just a few of the baked goods we had for sale. There were some chocolate brownies, rice krispy treats, rum ball cookies, a delicious apple almond tart with cream cheese filling, a beautiful decorated xmas candy cane cake, choc chip muffins, some decorated sugar cookies, my friend Susan did up boxes of mini yummo pastries, another gal Sharon did up boxes filled with assorted homemade chocolate candies, and I did up some of my 3 B's organic dog cookies, peanutbutter bites and hydrants for the bigger kids, and some loaves of banana nut bread and also there was some yummy breads. Uncommon Grounds a local coffee shop/cafe had bags of their absolutely scrumptious coffees, with dog names!! too cute!~! Anyway people could bring their kids and their four legged furry kids in to have their pics taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus who btw were the best Claus's ever!!
Let me tell you bloggin friends please please please if you can visit and donate either in the way of food or dollars they are full of rescued furry loveables and could always use the help. and what a great bunch of folks!! I have alot of new friends!! and they have all touched my heart today!!! THANKS YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST FOR DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR THESE FURRY BUNDLES OF JOY!!
Have a great night everyone!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Kalamazoo Winter Market today

***and we are surely in winter!!** it is 10 degrees outside and the winds have been incredible! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR but I will be in Kalamazoo Mi for the market from 10-2 today along with Dave your friendly meat man from Young Earth Farm along with some other great vendors.

So hope to see ya there!! IT is in the skyline cafe.~~LIVE LIFE JOYFULLY~~and SIMPLY~~

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa and my boys!!

Here is the pic of my boys~~ they had so much fun and of cource we did too!!

And yepper IT IS SNOWING!! and today we are under a severe winter storm starting this afternoon with possibly up to 20 inches coming!! I say BRING IT ON!!
seems like whenever we are suppossed to get alot it blows over and hits more inland from us!! so we will see!!

I saved this pic of a decorated store and wanted to share it !! LOOK at that beautiful garland!! I love it!!
So i am off to the kitchen I promised the boys I would make them some cookies today and also have to bake some things for market friday!!
HAVE A GREAT SNOW FILLED DAY!! keep warm! and be safe out there!!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowy tues

I love painting skates!! and that green is so nice!! BUTTTTTTT i will post a pic later or tomorrow I tried another color way different from green and actually like it!! It is on a few signs and a couple of skates waiting for me to put the snowmen on them!!
Some white chocolate pistachio bark!! This is chocolicious!!

HEY there!!

I had an order for some mixed cookies and bought these great kraft paper take out boxes that actually are perfect for this!! You can order one to if you like!!

They make a great gift!! You will recieve 6 different kinds of cookies the sandwich ones you will get 3 in a pkg and the others depending on size are usually 6 each. and a bonus of a pkg of your choice of candy!! either a pkg of homemade almond toffee, my homemade chunky peanut brittle or a pkg of my mini raspberry carmel pecan clusters all dressed for the holiday!!

And they are a good big size box.
I am off to the kitchen need to make some truffles and dog bones for market this friday!!! Have a great day!!