Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baking and more baking

These are full of my "farmgirl bling" and they are so yummy too
Blinged up butter cookies

Here was Mr. Boopie Woopie Boo when i came in the door last night~~he loves sitting up on that cat perch my hubby built for the cats mind you!! he has taken over!! Silly dog!!

My newest addition! Rustic round cinnamon raisin egg bread loaves

chocolate ganache filled sandwich cookies THESE are one of my favos this season!! Well among lots of others that is LOL

Some asst lemon buttermilk cakes NEKKED LOL

Glazed pistachio mini loaves

Asst size glazed "farmgirl blinged" pistachio breads

These are a finnish butter cookie topped with chopped almonds

Pumpkin cake roll these are so yummy!!

Ok I am off to the shop to get everything set up for our open house today!! Have a great tues yall!!


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