Monday, December 7, 2009

ChoColATe LoVeRs GiFt BaG homemade yumminess

I put together a chocolate lovers gift bag and listed it on my etsy shoppe this am. It's full of my homemade goodies: 2 gourmet dipped graham crackers, 3 asst dipped pretzels, a pkg of choc almond toffee pieces, chunky peanut brittle, a pkg of single serv vanilla cappacino mix, my raspberry carmel choc pecan clusters, and a cute little snowman tag on the outside. $13.95 plus travel expenses. You can order a special one if you like full of cookies instead of candies.
Here are what my boys did last night!! I had a nice roaring fire goin and it was 70 degrees so they were super lazy~~ LOL Barney lays on top of Buster all the time and Bubba is usually under his blankie in bed but since it was so warm in living room he was out there sleeping.

So hve a wonderful monday I got wood to bring in today to get ready for the big winter storm expected to start tomorrow night! they say 50 mile an hour winds coming, lots of snow and rain and 0 degrees windchills!! BRRRRRRRRRRRR hopefully it will be cleaned up in time for the weekend. I have my last show sat in Ionia at the North Pointe Elementary School so dont really want it to be snowed out.

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Believe it or not, out here in the West Texas desert we are getting a winter storm, too, maybe more snow, and wind gusts like a hurricane!!! Freezing fog, whoever heard of such a thing, here??!!

The boys looks so danged cute. Buster is sure tolerant to have Mr. BWB on his back like that!!! lol