Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowy tues

I love painting skates!! and that green is so nice!! BUTTTTTTT i will post a pic later or tomorrow I tried another color way different from green and actually like it!! It is on a few signs and a couple of skates waiting for me to put the snowmen on them!!
Some white chocolate pistachio bark!! This is chocolicious!!

HEY there!!

I had an order for some mixed cookies and bought these great kraft paper take out boxes that actually are perfect for this!! You can order one to if you like!!

They make a great gift!! You will recieve 6 different kinds of cookies the sandwich ones you will get 3 in a pkg and the others depending on size are usually 6 each. and a bonus of a pkg of your choice of candy!! either a pkg of homemade almond toffee, my homemade chunky peanut brittle or a pkg of my mini raspberry carmel pecan clusters all dressed for the holiday!!

And they are a good big size box.
I am off to the kitchen need to make some truffles and dog bones for market this friday!!! Have a great day!!


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