Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wishbone pet rescue

this little cutie is the wonderfully sweet daughter of one of the gals i met today and isnt that little kitty she is holding a doll!!???

This pic is of "KRAMER" and he is just full of love!!

OH MY GOSH WHAT A WEEKEND!! WHEW! kind of glad it is over now!! let's see Friday was the winter market in Kazoo at Bronson Hospital and it was awesome btw!! Lots of people came for it even though the weather was still kind of nasty, the customers were absolutely the best!! everyone there was so incredibly nice and welcoming!! Cant wait til the next one!!
MEET ROXEE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

so Sat was a small craft show that was ok, and sunday I went to Saugatuck and met the most fantastic caring folks who all are part of the WISHBONE PET RESCUE program!! and let me tell you I lost a part of my heart to a little 2 year old gal named ROXEE!! what a doll!!~~I so want to bring her home!! she is one lovable huggable cuddelable little gal!!!

Here is just a few of the baked goods we had for sale. There were some chocolate brownies, rice krispy treats, rum ball cookies, a delicious apple almond tart with cream cheese filling, a beautiful decorated xmas candy cane cake, choc chip muffins, some decorated sugar cookies, my friend Susan did up boxes of mini yummo pastries, another gal Sharon did up boxes filled with assorted homemade chocolate candies, and I did up some of my 3 B's organic dog cookies, peanutbutter bites and hydrants for the bigger kids, and some loaves of banana nut bread and also there was some yummy breads. Uncommon Grounds a local coffee shop/cafe had bags of their absolutely scrumptious coffees, with dog names!! too cute!~! Anyway people could bring their kids and their four legged furry kids in to have their pics taken with Santa and Mrs. Claus who btw were the best Claus's ever!!
Let me tell you bloggin friends please please please if you can visit and donate either in the way of food or dollars they are full of rescued furry loveables and could always use the help. and what a great bunch of folks!! I have alot of new friends!! and they have all touched my heart today!!! THANKS YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST FOR DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING FOR THESE FURRY BUNDLES OF JOY!!
Have a great night everyone!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I admire the people who can run those rescues. It is heartbreaking to see so many wonderful pets without homes, but at least they are trying their best to get them permanent homes.

After all that hustle and bustle of the last few days, you deserve a nice rest near a cozy fire and with a big cup of hot cocoa and some of your delicious goodies to nibble on, with the boys all around you and Xmas music playing!!!