Sunday, December 6, 2009

SANTA and 3 dogs!!

We took the boys to see SANTA yesterday in Douglas!! He is such a great guy and a super wonderful SANTA!! The boys told him they have been very very good and I am sure they will get LOTS of xmas pressies to open~~ They all were so good!!
Dogs by Design is a store in a nearby town and every year now they have a fundraiser for a local organization called Wishbone!! a great organization that helps dogs in need!! In fact Sunday december 13 th they are havin a bake sale and WE WILL BE DONATING SOME GREAT BAKED GOODS!! I will post on here and twitter as soon as I get the info!!
We have them emailing us a pic of the boys and will post it on here as soon as I get it!! IT WAS A GRREAT PIC TOO!! all 3 boys looked so happy and my Buster is smiling!! as usual he is always happy happy happy!!

Hope yall have a great night!! I am off to finish a nice big special dinner for my special hubby!! Baked ham, sweet taters, green beans and mushrooms and some homemade bread!! It is gonna be a busy week with the Kalamazoo Bronson Hospital market starting up on on friday!! and a show on sat wont leave me much time to make nice suppers so tonight it is!! LOL leftovers the rest of the week dont ya know!!
Talk more soon!!


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