Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hey all I am back!!  So here was an experiment with my crostadas.   I made a south western filling of black beans, corn, tomatoes, peppers, onions, carrots and spices then baked that with a big of queso cheese and once cooled topped it with a homemade cilantro lime dressing.  Oh my goodness this was delish!!   
 Some cranberry pistachio biscotti topped with white chocolate. 

While I was out in Holland last week it rained and then the sun came out and we ended up with a double rainbow!!  So pretty!!
Hope yall have a good sunday, I am off to clean out barn and then hope to get some signs painted today for a craft show this week in Allegan MI  

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hey yall!!  WE are at our new location for market today.  Inside my friends shop in South Haven at FARMHOUSE CHIC gifts, gourmet, and d├ęcor shop.
 So heres my sweet baby!!  Barney, he loves his stuffed animals and is soooo cute, he cries while sucking on the piggies of them?  He has done this since he was a little baby. 

So here is one of the tables set up with produce inside the store.  We have lots of great fresh produce to offer.

JoAnn explaining about her naturally raised pork, chicken, duck meat they sell. 

We also have plenty of samples out and will have each sat til Christmas.  Yummy dips, breads, jams, maple syrup, and cookies. 
So now that I have figured out how to add my photos from my phone here we go!! Be prepared I take a lot of pics! LOL
So here is Auntie Missy with my baby!!  Shes a good Autie to my boys!! 

Another pic of inside the shop today.  Missy is the owner of shop too

And here's Maverick!!  hes a cutie pie and his hair is soooooooo stinkin soft

This is Becca shes a sweetie too.

And Boss Man LOL one of our bostons.  Hes the clown of them all~!

  And the baby again. 

The girls Rosie (Heavens Angel)  the cream colored one and Rebecca the tan one.  They are both sweeties!! 
The black one who we haven't quite named yet.  I like Jet since hes solid black but not sure yet. 
And heres one of our first Curly hes a doll!!  Its funny how these guys eat only and I mean only grass and hay and sweet feed.  But this guy eats ONLY baby sweet carrots no one else will eat any of them though. I bought a bunch of produce for all the animals for thanksgiving and they wouldn't touch anything  picky picky picky little things. 
chocolate drizzled almond biscotti

Homemade bagels

Gluten Free chocolate hazelnut cookies

red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese filling

some caramel dipped, chocolate dipped pretzels topped with chopped pecans  so yummy!!  I love dipping pretzels in peanut butter or caramel and chocolate and oh sooooo good!! 

And I have been busy painting my snowmen signs again!!  will have more finished tomorrow!!  Been busy and its taking more time to do them.  Geeze we need a few more hours in the day!! LOL

So that's it for today!!  I will be back soon as I am excited to be able to post back on here and with pics!! WOO HOO!! 
HAve a wonderful weekend!!


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Cold n windy day

WOW what a cold n windy day we are having in sw mi today!  50 mph winds and let me tell you they are that if not more!  My mom and I went to see the lighthouse and beach in south haven and traffic was backed up!!  There was a long line to get down to the beach so we stayed ontop the cliff and watched the waves crash against the lighthouse.  It was crazy!!  I dont think I have ever seen such huge waves coming in.  Scary too! 
So I am excited to hopefully be able to share some pics of the alpacas with you.  I picked up the proper cords to download from my phone and tablet onto my laptop so we will see what happens now!! I did say hopefully I can figure this out!