Monday, December 29, 2008


WEll i just wasnt feeling very creative today think i am trying too hard maybe!! I didnt have to go into work so tried workin on new paper projects. Here is one!! a stand up altered album, I really do like it, it is themed FAMILY with 6 altered pages inside. I used my favo papers by my minds eye and stickers, ribbons, stamped images, tags and layered frames along with some hand drawn flourishes. I have another one cut but thinking it will either be for a new baby or friends not sure. LOL will decide when i sit to actually do it. My mom is back in the hospital so we are trying to get to see her i miss her alot. But we have talked several times on the phone today and my dad and brother went tonight to see her. Hubby worked late so he is tired and i am just gettin drained. My sil's wedding is wed so hopefully the weather is goin to cooperate!! NO snow please!!LOL we only have a few piles left as again it was in the 40s today!! THIS IS SO NUTS for december!!!and MI!! Website Counter

Heres a couple of new altered pendants i finished up too. Love that little girls face!! she knows she's beautiful huh!! LOL
have a peaceful evening and will talk more tomorrow!!

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Here are a couple of pages i made up today. My parents wedding!! I found some ol pics scanned em and then altered them into a couple of collaged pages. I really like the way they turned out.
The bottom corner on the brown backed page has the envelope their invitation was mailed out in, along with their invitation on top. I added ribbon, letters and aged each backround and layered photos. The top banners says "ALL BECAUSE TWO PEOPLE FELL IN LOVE" and then added the numbers 1964. What do yall think of them?? I cant wait to frame em and hang em on wall.
One of my goals for 2009 is to try to be on a design team, which will be quite an awesome experienc!! And i will be challenged which is good for me to be more creative!! Looking forward to making that goal come true!!! KEEP your fingers crossed and wish me good luck!!

I love this green flowery paper so added some distressing to it and then handmade ivory paper and their pics. I also love altering which yall know so this was a fun sunday project!!
Talk to ya soon, have a great day!! off to work on some of things using my 'boys' pics now!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008



Oh my gosh yall are not goin to believe this!!! IT IS THUNDERSTORMING out right now!! Lightnin, thunderin and rainin!!! and it is dec!! this is just ridiculous for us!! and it is 54 degrees~~ they are saying flood warnings and i am believin that one!! when i took the 'boys' out this am it was warmer outside felt almost like summer again!! CRAZY~~

Here is a pic of yes Me and my brother Joey. ARENT we just the cutest?? LOL People say he looks so sweet and innocent and i look like i am up to something (HEHEHEEHEHEHE WHO ME???) In fact my grandfather always said "that girl is gonna make a great autioneer"~~ I cant even understand half of what an auctioneer is saying!! and have been known on occasion to outbid myself~~~ thank goodness hubby is always next to me helpin me out!! I have a funny story from a couple summers ago. we went to a big farm auction nearby, i had my eye on a loft FULL of old windows!! I mean full too!! all sizes and cool shapes and all wood framed!!! my fav~~ok so hubby bought something big so we needed to have the car carrier to take it home, he comes up with this wild idea of having me go to the shop and pick up the carrier to bring to the auction. OK i thought save us a little time i would. I explained to him ALL i wanted was some if not all of the windows!! i had big plans for them in my mind. I left him with explicit instructions of how much i had to spend and again stressed THAT IS ALL I WANT!! ........ so off i go to get truck, came back quickly as i was anxious to get to diggin thru all the treasured windows. Raced back to him to find out the windows went for $30.00 for the whole LOT of em!! oh i thought i am goin to have such fun i was almost in tears!! WELLLLLLLLLLL he says they are not ours!! WHAT??? yeah he tells me he decided i didnt have the room to store them all and i really didnt need that many!! WHAT!@$#&*$(@#&($@*#($*#@* WAS HE THINKIN!~ oh i was so mad!!! and I mean madder than a cold wet hen!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO as the auction was winding down we all followed the auctioneer to a big ol pile of JUNK behind a shed, there was an old beat up ringer warshing machine, an old homemade bike, tires, buckets basically alot of JUNK!! The auctioneer started and everyone just kind of laughed, mind you lots of men around us, so finally he says "ok will someone anyone give me a dollar?" I thought OK lets have some fun!! I raised my hand and proudly stated one dollar!! my hubby says OH NO what are you doin? Auctioneer asked for two no one responded, goin once twice SOLD for one dollar to the little blonde up front!!!! My hubby said NO!! (a couple of his buddies next to him started laughing) he was soooooooo mad!! i just smiled and said it is ours!! Proudly i started rummaging thru this whole pile and found some old metal faucets that are very cool, some old metal fencing pieces and really that was about all i wanted!! When it was time to go we went to my pile and hubby said load it up!! OK i really didnt think we had to take it all but yepper we did!! ( i didnt know this) so got on my gloves and learned quite a valuable lessons........

1. NEVER leave an auction with hubby in charge if there is something you really want!!
2. BID on only things you really want!!
3.What you buy YOU take!!!
4. NEVER leave an auction with hubby in charge if there is something you really want!! LOL
So anyway it was fun and we did scrap almost the whole pile~~ so i actually made money on it!! not including the hours loading everything up and hauling it to scrap yard!! LOL

Friday, December 26, 2008

MY BOYS and their presents

Everyone LOVES their rawhide!! We been getting (santa i mean) gets Buster a big big rawhide candy cane every year~~

Little Bubba falls chews his so long his eyes close and he starts falling asleep. LOL

Buster is an experienced present opener!! in fact one year we made the mistake of leaving all the wrapped presents under tree in living room,........... came home to paper pieces everywhere he opened all of em!! he says he was just helping mommy by making scraps for her craftin!!! LOL



I am planning on doin a bit more shopping this am, yeah i know i am GOOFY!! the stores will probably be a nightmare!!! again but we are having xmas with my parents and brother this weekend and i really want to get him something else. Plus i really do feel the need to SHOP!!! LOL really i am NOT the shopping gal here. I am goin to record in my phone this time where i park so no problems will arise in the parking lots!! ROFL!! I do have a batch of choc walnut fudge to make special for my hubby's grandparents and then make up the rest of the cookies to deliver tomorrow so a bit of a busy day. SO what did yall get for presents this year??? I did get a gift card to HOBBY LOBBY ***%%^^&^^&&&^&&&^&()(* this is me dancing around~~YEAH my favo store. THANKS to my mother and father in law, also everyone and i mean everyone gets new socks!Westfahl family tradition! which is a good one i might add, who doesnt need new socks am i right? and alot of other great things not to mention spending the evening with great family making new memories!! Here are some pics of us all!! NOW i will go unload the pics of our boys opening prezzies last night!!Website Counter

Below is Grama and Grampa
This is all of us!! we look festive right??
front row is Carrie (sis in law)Dar (her fiance) Brandi (hubbys daughter) ME and hubby who sets the camera then has to run and try to get in pic fast. LOL
back row is Grandpa Bill, Grandma Jan, Mom Sally, and Pops (my inlaws)
GREAT JOB GUYS!! and by the way CARRIE AND DAR her beau are gettin hitched next week!!CONGRATS!! CANT WAIT YOU TWO!!

Below is everyone relaxing
Mom Sally and Brandi

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Thursday, December 25, 2008


~~~~~Wishing you and yours a very blessed Christmas~~~~~~
I am NOT a procrastinator by no means but there i was on the eve of our wonderous holiday running from store to store trying desperately to find a couple suprises for my sweet dear hubby!! Who by the way is NOT easy to buy for he is kind of picky!!! (i feel so lucky he chose me) ROFL!! anyway did EVERYONE wait til christmas eve to shop or what??? GGEEEEZZZZZEEEE the stores were insane!!! I thought black friday was bad!! Anway i did manage to find a couple of things for my brother and hubby!! and I had to buy all the "boys" things as they will open them if they are under the tree, little stinkers!! I really think they believed me when i sat and told them all "Mommy has to go and meet Santa because he is busy busy of cource and with the snowstorms we have been having he will be a bit delayed so i will help him out and pick up your prezzies from him" LOL!! So hubby will wrap theirs today while i am at work.
We are suppossed to finally get a break from all these storms~ it really is quite amazing when it does snow on christmas day though so hopefully it will flurry~
I actually got some of my holiday baking done yesterday and only have a bit left to do, we will deliver our goodies this weekend as I am Really LATE but it will be a nice after christmas surprise to our friends and family.
Soooo hopefully monday will be new craftin time i have alot of ideas in my little journal book and some already started.
I better get back to work now LOL< Have a happy happy day!!!!
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Monday, December 22, 2008

This was a MONDAY!!!

Ok well you know i am a firm believer in all things happen for reasons!! This am I went to my moms flower shop to take care of incoming orders and make sure the new girl is ok, then delivered a couple of baskets on my way to take my brother and visit with my mom. Got to the hospital, decided to run to get her groceries for the week so she doesnt have to worry about that, had to pick up some feed and get us lunch. Wellllllllllllllllll got to the feed store and my cell was ringing picked it up it disconnected as it was low battery (lol talking to my mom alot) plugged in to charger then ran out and closed door!! OPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSS well a couple other words flew out of my mouth, yepper I looked inside there were my keys dangling in the ignition along with the remote!@!! I KNOW )*%#$)*%#$%&*#_$*%(#*)_ that was my thought too!! so went to beep hubby, oopppppss no phone, it is in truck!!! ran inside used their phone called him, he is super busy at shop so he said to wait he will send one of the guys to open it!! yeah so like an hour later after looking at everything in store!! LOL (tried on some cute pink john deere boots too) there was my rescuer by my truck OH WHAT a relief!! ran out there and he tried a couple times and said i cant get in!!! WHAT???? he had the tool!! never used it before and was having difficulties!! ok hubby suggested waiting for him but that would be 5 hours before he was ready to come get me, so called a towing company in town, they were out in 14 min and 2 seconds later and $45.00 too, (dangit there goes my cute pink boots) i was back in my sanctuary and my lifeline>cell phone was in my hand!! Ran back in paid loaded feed, then off to walmart next door, finally found a parking spot ran in got everything needed got outside and low and behold , get this, youre gonna love it!!! LOST my truck!! couldnt remember for the life of me where the heck i parked!!! Ok now their parking lot is not the cleanest and pushing a loaded cart thru snow is something i am was not liking!! but hey look at it this way it sure is good exercise!! So after wandering aimlessly thru aisles of unfamiliar vehicles i seen a familiar one!! MINE yes MINE and i might add the very first thing i did at the store GOT 5 new keys made!!! yepper i did!! never again will i be stranded like that!! Got back to the hospital had lunch with my mom and brother then visited for awhile and headed home. We stopped and dropped off groceries at my parents home got here was backing up to unload the feed, we have a drive to go to the chick coop and barn and well let me tell you even in 4 wheel drive sometimes you still get stuck in snow!!! SO my truck is stuck in the drive. You know i just couldnt wait to get in the house, as soon as my dad comes to pick up my brother i am putting on my pj's taking a deep relaxing long bath and that is it!~! goin to bed with my boys by me!!! Who else can say they sleep with 4 guys everynight!!!????? Buster, Bubba, Barney and last but certainly not least my hubby BRYAN!!
Have a wonderfully blessed night yall!! thanks again for being here for me to vent and cry on!! DONT LAUGH TOO HARD READING THIS I WOULD NOT WANT ANYONE TO GET HURT!!! ROFL!!!! HUGS!!Website Counter

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Sunday, December 21, 2008


WE ARE SNOWED IN!! (well pretty danged close but we have big 4 wheel drive trucks around so not us LOL )But we got hit hard thru the night with it snowin, and now blowin and driftin!! I opened the back door to let the dogs out this am and the snow was blocking the door that's how much we got!! YEAH!! I will try to get some pics when i head out to do chores but it is blowin so hard not sure what they will look like!!LOL,

***I have one request from all my wonerful readers this sunday morn............... PLEASE PLEASE say a wee little prayer or even just a get well wish for my MOM. My dad took her to ER yesterday and they decided to admit her, she had a pretty good night but i am worried and she is scared. So far she has a bad internal infection and they are checkin everything out to see what and where it is coming from. So if you could just please keep her in your thoughts. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND BIG HUGS FROM ALL OF MY FAMILYL!~! ******

I have baking to do this am so heading on over to the bakery, we are suppossed to go to town to buy the last of some xmas presents, but i am goin to see my mom for sure~above all the rest!!!
I did dig thru some old photos that were with my grandfathers things and oh what tresures i found!! I found my parents wedding invitation in the envelope it was mailed in from 1964! with a 5cent stamp on it~!~ TOO funny~~and the oldest treasure was a black and white photo dated 1939 of a lady that they wrote on the back was "grandma who is goin to be 90"?? not sure who's grandma but my grandfather kept it thru the years. Also and this is so wayyyyyyy cool i think, another black and white photo of a minister performing nuptuals on my grandparents with his old car in the backround!! OH they are so special i am goin to make a collage frame of them and i will scan them and put em on here so yall can see too. It is the little things that make me happy and seeing all these photos made me really want to treasure them even more!! I am thinking in fact that a framed collage for my parents of the invitation, weddin pics and envelope etc would be a super nice present!!

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Friday, December 19, 2008


Ok here are some pics for yall!! First i finished up a few more bracelets today!! LOVE the cowgirl one!! that is sooooooo me! LOL I made all the lettered charms, the horse and yee ha starred one from old recycled bingo chips {i keep telling my hubby i WILL eventually use the things i keep buyin and stockin up on} anyway this will probably go on my etsy site tonight too.
I have a few more but they are not ready to post yet. Also been working at doing some much needed decorating round here! so should be posting some pics tomorrow. I have to get to the bakery but was pretty much snowed in round here today and really didnt want to drive around too much. Plus it is really cold out there!! and i just lost track of time in my studio today. I did print off a bunch of vintage graphics and am working on some altered pins but you will have to wait for those pics!! LOL we have some shopping to do this weekend and of cource baking.
So have a blessed night and will chat with ya more later!!
~~Primitive altered HUGS~~~

~~TGIF~~creatin' day

I used to belong to CPCK ebay
group and just love this graphic
we used for the holidays
put it here today!!

OK BEEN up since 4 this am couldnt sleep as i wanted to finish these!! did the letter charms last night and VOILA**

I had to share these with yall!@! OH I LOVE HOW THEY TURNED OUT AND WILL HAVE TO HAVE ONE FOR ME!! maybe actually i will do one today that spells out HMMMMMMMMMM what should i do?? maybe Farmgirl, Chick, Create??? gosh!! too many ideas!! IN FACT now i have another idea for a necklace!! will go do that in a bit. I think i will list these guys on my esty shoppe.
*** *** **** SNOWIN SNOWIN AND SNOWIN this am!!**** YEAH!! I gotta get hubby up early to plow but i dont believe we got as much as we were expecting?? Havent been out to do chores as of yet!!

Here's a couple pics of the goats.

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HARVEY our 49 lb turkey>>>>>

(who seem to be doin better thanks for all the turkey well wishes~~)

and my
Took these while doin chores last night so it is quite dark sorry!! Harvey as you can see only has FOOD on his mind i could not get him to look up until i put some scratch mix in my hand!! LOL no wonder why he weighs so much!! Miss May is the same always with her nose to the hay or whatever she finds!! SHE loves taco bell hard shell tacos and baked tostitos!! Baked since a girl needs to watch her figure ya know!! LOL she is a little MISS PIG!! and Beau is my sweet boy he is so precious and mild mannered and just plain ol sweet!! (kind of like his mom huh>>>???) right!!

OK off to work more in the craft room, gosh i am home ALL day today!! YEAH WOO HOO!! YEE HAW!!! create create and create more!! Can u tell one of my work stations is cleaned and organized!! Its amazing what you can do with ROOM to work!! ROFL!!

Have a blessed morn i am sure i will talk to ya again today!!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wreath Cookie recipe

These are still one of my alltime fav cookies!! Simple and quick and yummmy!!!!!

Preparation Time: 40 minutes
Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes
Servings: 16
cup margarine or butter
package (10 oz. about 40) regular marshmallows

- or -
cups miniature marshmallows
teaspoon green food coloring
6 cups
Kellogg's Corn Flakes®

- or -
6 cups
Ready-To-Eat Cereal Kellogg's Frosted Flakes®
Red cinnamon candies
Prepared vanilla frosting
Directions 1. Melt margarine in large saucepan over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat. Stir in food coloring.2. Add KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES cereal. Stir until well coated3. Portion warm cereal mixture evenly by using a 1/4 cup dry measure coated with cooking spray. Using sprayed fingers, quickly shape into individual wreaths. Dot with cinnamon candies, using prepared frosting to hold candies in place. Store in single layer in airtight container. Note Use fresh marshmallows for best results. Children should be supervised. Green paste food coloring makes the best color for wreathsMICROWAVE DIRECTIONS: Microwave margarine and marshmallows at HIGH 2 minutes in microwave-safe bowl. Stir to combine. Microwave at HIGH 1 minute longer. Stir until smooth, then add food coloring. Follow steps 2 and 3 above.TO MAKE ONE LARGE WREATH: Press warm cereal mixture in 5 1/2-cup ring mold coated with cooking spray or shape in ring on serving plate. Remove from mold and dot with red candies