Monday, December 22, 2008

This was a MONDAY!!!

Ok well you know i am a firm believer in all things happen for reasons!! This am I went to my moms flower shop to take care of incoming orders and make sure the new girl is ok, then delivered a couple of baskets on my way to take my brother and visit with my mom. Got to the hospital, decided to run to get her groceries for the week so she doesnt have to worry about that, had to pick up some feed and get us lunch. Wellllllllllllllllll got to the feed store and my cell was ringing picked it up it disconnected as it was low battery (lol talking to my mom alot) plugged in to charger then ran out and closed door!! OPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSS well a couple other words flew out of my mouth, yepper I looked inside there were my keys dangling in the ignition along with the remote!@!! I KNOW )*%#$)*%#$%&*#_$*%(#*)_ that was my thought too!! so went to beep hubby, oopppppss no phone, it is in truck!!! ran inside used their phone called him, he is super busy at shop so he said to wait he will send one of the guys to open it!! yeah so like an hour later after looking at everything in store!! LOL (tried on some cute pink john deere boots too) there was my rescuer by my truck OH WHAT a relief!! ran out there and he tried a couple times and said i cant get in!!! WHAT???? he had the tool!! never used it before and was having difficulties!! ok hubby suggested waiting for him but that would be 5 hours before he was ready to come get me, so called a towing company in town, they were out in 14 min and 2 seconds later and $45.00 too, (dangit there goes my cute pink boots) i was back in my sanctuary and my lifeline>cell phone was in my hand!! Ran back in paid loaded feed, then off to walmart next door, finally found a parking spot ran in got everything needed got outside and low and behold , get this, youre gonna love it!!! LOST my truck!! couldnt remember for the life of me where the heck i parked!!! Ok now their parking lot is not the cleanest and pushing a loaded cart thru snow is something i am was not liking!! but hey look at it this way it sure is good exercise!! So after wandering aimlessly thru aisles of unfamiliar vehicles i seen a familiar one!! MINE yes MINE and i might add the very first thing i did at the store GOT 5 new keys made!!! yepper i did!! never again will i be stranded like that!! Got back to the hospital had lunch with my mom and brother then visited for awhile and headed home. We stopped and dropped off groceries at my parents home got here was backing up to unload the feed, we have a drive to go to the chick coop and barn and well let me tell you even in 4 wheel drive sometimes you still get stuck in snow!!! SO my truck is stuck in the drive. You know i just couldnt wait to get in the house, as soon as my dad comes to pick up my brother i am putting on my pj's taking a deep relaxing long bath and that is it!~! goin to bed with my boys by me!!! Who else can say they sleep with 4 guys everynight!!!????? Buster, Bubba, Barney and last but certainly not least my hubby BRYAN!!
Have a wonderfully blessed night yall!! thanks again for being here for me to vent and cry on!! DONT LAUGH TOO HARD READING THIS I WOULD NOT WANT ANYONE TO GET HURT!!! ROFL!!!! HUGS!!Website Counter

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I don't want to laugh, but I did ! But it was a kind laugh, and an "I can't believe what I am reading" sort of laugh of disbelief. I always get my husband over here to read your posts, he's going to be ROFL. You poor thing! Ah, you young-uns! I hope you get to snuggle up in bed and rest yourself from the trials of the day! Hope your mom is feeling better and also Harvey. Stay warm, dearie, and hope you can get your truck unstuck tomorrow! Have a great Christmas Eve, too!

craftychick said...

LOL I am glad i can be of some entertainment for someone!! I tell ya NEVER A DULL MOMENT round this family!! LOL
Harvey and My mom are doing much better thank you. I was amazed that was the first time i got stuck this winter. I really think in the back of my hubbys mind he really built our wrecker because i was spending too much time calling and giving too much money to the towing company.~~ LOL
Take care