Friday, December 19, 2008

~~TGIF~~creatin' day

I used to belong to CPCK ebay
group and just love this graphic
we used for the holidays
put it here today!!

OK BEEN up since 4 this am couldnt sleep as i wanted to finish these!! did the letter charms last night and VOILA**

I had to share these with yall!@! OH I LOVE HOW THEY TURNED OUT AND WILL HAVE TO HAVE ONE FOR ME!! maybe actually i will do one today that spells out HMMMMMMMMMM what should i do?? maybe Farmgirl, Chick, Create??? gosh!! too many ideas!! IN FACT now i have another idea for a necklace!! will go do that in a bit. I think i will list these guys on my esty shoppe.
*** *** **** SNOWIN SNOWIN AND SNOWIN this am!!**** YEAH!! I gotta get hubby up early to plow but i dont believe we got as much as we were expecting?? Havent been out to do chores as of yet!!

Here's a couple pics of the goats.

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HARVEY our 49 lb turkey>>>>>

(who seem to be doin better thanks for all the turkey well wishes~~)

and my
Took these while doin chores last night so it is quite dark sorry!! Harvey as you can see only has FOOD on his mind i could not get him to look up until i put some scratch mix in my hand!! LOL no wonder why he weighs so much!! Miss May is the same always with her nose to the hay or whatever she finds!! SHE loves taco bell hard shell tacos and baked tostitos!! Baked since a girl needs to watch her figure ya know!! LOL she is a little MISS PIG!! and Beau is my sweet boy he is so precious and mild mannered and just plain ol sweet!! (kind of like his mom huh>>>???) right!!

OK off to work more in the craft room, gosh i am home ALL day today!! YEAH WOO HOO!! YEE HAW!!! create create and create more!! Can u tell one of my work stations is cleaned and organized!! Its amazing what you can do with ROOM to work!! ROFL!!

Have a blessed morn i am sure i will talk to ya again today!!



Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh, I love how those bracelets came out. Those are wonderful.

Your animals are so sweet. Best wishes for Harvey's continued recovery!

Tricia said...

holy moly! I love those bracelets!

Kathryn said...

The bracelets are so very BEAUTIFUL!
Wonderful job!!