Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Good tue morning!!

WOW tues already yesterday was spent packaging up a couple orders and TRYING to ................ ok i can say the word it isnt that difficult trying to OOOOOOOOOrganize........ there! my crafting room /studio! My goal is before i need to start making new things for a big show in march is to really work on my creativity and the only way that is goin to happen is to have my area more inspiring and less CLUTTERED!! That was alot to say!! LOL at work i am all about being little miss organized but when i get home FORGET it!! isnt that crazy!! maybe though it is because most creative people have messy desks?? sounds good to me!! Did manage to get 2 boxes of what i call snack packs that were orders to go out. They have a couple pkgs of different kinds of cookies, a couple dipped oreos, some dipped pretzels, a loaf pistachio bread, and a few candies for another order. They looked so nice wrapped up in asst. holiday tissue papers and cute snowmen tags will have to take pics of the next ones i make up. They are listed for sale on my new estsy shoppe if ya wanna see the mix of things: http://mysweetserendipity.etsy.com/

Well today will be all about baking cookies, at work some of us gals bring in a few dozen of our favs to make up cookie trays for the docs that we work with so that will be on the agenda plus i have a dental cleaning and then need to sort out a BUNCH of paperwork to sign up for our new insurance plan at work. WHICH is tripeling what we pay now so i am not to anxious for that to start. That will probably be the VERY last thing i do today. I WANNA PLAY with paper and paints!!! It is snowing again and still brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bitter 18 degrees again!! we usually dont see this cold of weather til jan so this is not very fun. I thought it was too cold to snow but at least it is pretty and white and fresh outside. My little boy, Barney, is so funny he hops thru the snow like a bunny!! The older boys arent as happy when snow is on the ground. Bubba well, he spends the majority of these cold days in the warm/hot waterbed!! curled up under every blanket he can. In fact when i get home he will have all the blankets on a big ol mound at the foot of the bed and under them all!! LOL Buster he loves watching out the big window in living room, he watches the deer and lets me know they are coming. IT is really CRAZY how he can sit there, his hair on his back all up and staring into the woods and know they are coming thru, we cant see them til they are really close but he knows well ahead of time!! We say "Bus you see em""??? ANd he will do his little (well big boy) growl. LOL They are all such a big part of our lives!! LOVE EM! Here's my baby BARNEY>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I will post some pics when i get things done up today and let yall see my projects for the day and it is back to work tomorrow. :(
Yall have a blessedly peaceful day!!

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