Friday, December 12, 2008

*RECIPE* friday

My Buster and Bubba for xmas LOOK at those faces!!
Our local shelter had bring you pet to see SANAT so we took the boys and they were so happy!! BUSTER is sure smiling!! They had fun!!! And SANTA was great! This was last year so this year we will have to add in the baby!! BARNEY!!

A puter friend made this avatar for me awhile ago it is my and buster in my big ol truck!! LOL

TGIF~ YEAH it is friday!! although the week sure went by quickly didnt it!! I want to share with yall this UNBELIEVEABLY super fast brownie recipe!!! another Gooseberry patch if i remember correctly. I made some to give out at our open house and oh they were really liked by all!! I warn you though cut them small as they are super rich and just a bite or two is really enough. also did change the recipe up a bit and will include that at the bottom!! R U READY!!
1 1/3 cup graham cracker crumbs
1 1/2 cup choc chips
4 1/2 tablesp unsalted butter
1 (14oz) can sweetened condensed milk
butter 9 in square baking pan, line with parchment paper, butter paper too.
heat oven to 350 degrees
blend melted butter with milk stir in graham cracker crumbs (1pkg) and choc chips
scrape dough into pan and spread evenly
bake util golden brown and slightly puffy. about 25 min. Let them cool then slice and wrap
*i also made another batch only used half choc and half peanut butter chips, and another one had coconut slightly stirred in ontop plus chopped pecans.

You could stack a few of these, use a little piece of parchment inbetween, wrap with colored saran leaving a pooffy frou frouy top on them and tie some curly ribbon around add a cute tag and it makes for a nice gift. I like to make up a couple stacks of assorted cookies and leave in the mailbox for our carrier, or make a few to hand out to guests or friends, or leave them on coworkers desks. Just a little something to say you are thought about, and believe me in these days it really makes someone smile! Homemade goodness!!

****I have said this before but PLEASE remember all the fur babies in the shelters this holiday season, take a bag of food or toys or treats to your local shelter it means so much and it is greatly appreciated by them all!! I wish i could win the big lottery (of cource you have to play which i dont LOL) and open a no-kill facility for all the unwanted furry kids in the world and just give them love~~my kids (dogs) mean the world to us and i cant imagine life without them. I used to bring home every stray that was in need of a home or lost and at one point growing up we had 11 dogs and several cats. My parents are softies and always were, they couldnt say NO to them or me!LOL, i would have more if we could!!

In case you dont have a dog or cat life is so much better with them believe me!! My grandparents didnt have any and after my grandfather passed i talked my grandma into getting a dog for companionship. She wasnt too keen on the idea but i picked her up and we went to local shelter. She fell in love with this little light tan cocker mix dog his name was dagwood, we left with her saying she would think about it, the whole way home she talked about his little cute face and how he just had that warm, caring ,innocent look. WELLLLLLLL the next morning she called and we went back to get him!!!! Let me tell you he was such a doll she changed his name to SANDY and he lived such a full 18 year life with our family. He had a special toy she bought him named binky and would carry that little doll around, loved my brother and would watch for his bus to come. He knew exactly what time Joey was due home and would look out the porch window and bark when the bus pulled up. Grandma took him everywhere and talked to him, he would sleep on the bed and she loved that little guy so much!!! After grandma Rose passed my parents took in Sandy and he finished the rest of his life with them. You could always see he was happy, carefree, and content to have a loving home.!! GOSH makes me get all teary eyed just thinking bout those days. So please remember all those special homeless animals this season!! THANK YOU very much!!
have a blessed day!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I love your story of Sandy and your grandmother -- and I so agree, remember the animals at the holidays and all the year through!

LOL, I won your WONderful giveaway, but I can't figure out how to send you an email, so I'll put mine here, I'm not as computer savvy as I thought!!! penniwig @ gmail [dot] com -- only it doesn't have spaces and brackets and such -- sorry to be so dense!

Hope you have a great weekend -- yes, TGIF!!!