Friday, December 12, 2008



Here is my new banner for my new shoppe! Now i just gotta get to the bakery and fill that shoppe up huh!! here is a link to my sweet shoppe
Thought this banner would be perfect as it is a bit whimsical and fun and cute!! Different from my grubby dirty primitive things but i love both!! Actually some of us prim gals have been invited to join the lollishops site so am thinking about changing some things up a bit and more frou frouy for them.
Have a super night will post pics as it is my work christmas party tomorrow so have lots to do to prepare for that. Hopefully will get pics of hubby and i by the big decorated tree!!
HUGS!! have a blessed night!!Website Counter

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simple~needs said...

i love the new name and logo! it is gona be a hit!! now get to baking. :)

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

That is a cute banner! I personally like to see prim stuff that is also sort of "romantic" in style -- a combination of both the frou-frou and the prim! Hope you have lots of "sweet success" in the new shoppe!