Sunday, December 21, 2008


WE ARE SNOWED IN!! (well pretty danged close but we have big 4 wheel drive trucks around so not us LOL )But we got hit hard thru the night with it snowin, and now blowin and driftin!! I opened the back door to let the dogs out this am and the snow was blocking the door that's how much we got!! YEAH!! I will try to get some pics when i head out to do chores but it is blowin so hard not sure what they will look like!!LOL,

***I have one request from all my wonerful readers this sunday morn............... PLEASE PLEASE say a wee little prayer or even just a get well wish for my MOM. My dad took her to ER yesterday and they decided to admit her, she had a pretty good night but i am worried and she is scared. So far she has a bad internal infection and they are checkin everything out to see what and where it is coming from. So if you could just please keep her in your thoughts. THANK YOU SO MUCH AND BIG HUGS FROM ALL OF MY FAMILYL!~! ******

I have baking to do this am so heading on over to the bakery, we are suppossed to go to town to buy the last of some xmas presents, but i am goin to see my mom for sure~above all the rest!!!
I did dig thru some old photos that were with my grandfathers things and oh what tresures i found!! I found my parents wedding invitation in the envelope it was mailed in from 1964! with a 5cent stamp on it~!~ TOO funny~~and the oldest treasure was a black and white photo dated 1939 of a lady that they wrote on the back was "grandma who is goin to be 90"?? not sure who's grandma but my grandfather kept it thru the years. Also and this is so wayyyyyyy cool i think, another black and white photo of a minister performing nuptuals on my grandparents with his old car in the backround!! OH they are so special i am goin to make a collage frame of them and i will scan them and put em on here so yall can see too. It is the little things that make me happy and seeing all these photos made me really want to treasure them even more!! I am thinking in fact that a framed collage for my parents of the invitation, weddin pics and envelope etc would be a super nice present!!

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Stacey said...

I hope your mom is better SOON! How scary!


Want to share with you an idea...My Dad is gone now..but for what would have been their 50th Anniversary,I made for my Mom a "Family Memory" box...chipwood box...paint gold..lots of embellishments...ribbon my girls and I took little bits of gold paper...we wrote one line memories...of my Mom,Dad,growing up, funny,sad...etc! When we gave it to her on what would have been their 50th we sat for hours as my Mom read each one aloud...we laughed...we cried...that was a day we will never forget! I also enclosed a beautiful stack of paper and a gold pen...we asked my Mom to write down her memories of us...good...bad...funny....WE still continue to add to the box. Someday my girls and I will sit and read all that my Mom shared,,,but for Right now...amongst thousands of dollars of sits on her coffee table...her most prized possesion...besides us (LOL) of course! Thanks letting me share!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Stay snug if you can, dearie!

Certainly I hope mightily that your mom will feel better soon, and also that she will have peace of mind and not be frightened. It is indeed a scary thing to be in the hospital, and seems it's even more upsetting at holiday times. Many wishes for her recovery.

I think your idea of a collage of the wonderful "pieces of the past" you found would be a lovely gift for your folks!

Robin in Las Vegas said...

I will definately send a prayer or two up, so sorry to hear about the news. Hope she gets better soon!

Anonymous said...

Prayers and thoughts being sent out to your mum..bless her.
Ohhh, love to see some of your snow beautiful in readiness for a white Christmas.
luv Ann.xx

craftychick said...

A FVERY HEARTFELT THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!! It really is comforting to know so there are soooo many caring special people out there i havent had the priveldge to meet face to face!! GOD BLESS YALL!!!