Friday, December 19, 2008


Ok here are some pics for yall!! First i finished up a few more bracelets today!! LOVE the cowgirl one!! that is sooooooo me! LOL I made all the lettered charms, the horse and yee ha starred one from old recycled bingo chips {i keep telling my hubby i WILL eventually use the things i keep buyin and stockin up on} anyway this will probably go on my etsy site tonight too.
I have a few more but they are not ready to post yet. Also been working at doing some much needed decorating round here! so should be posting some pics tomorrow. I have to get to the bakery but was pretty much snowed in round here today and really didnt want to drive around too much. Plus it is really cold out there!! and i just lost track of time in my studio today. I did print off a bunch of vintage graphics and am working on some altered pins but you will have to wait for those pics!! LOL we have some shopping to do this weekend and of cource baking.
So have a blessed night and will chat with ya more later!!
~~Primitive altered HUGS~~~


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

You just keep creating cuter and cuter bracelets! I love the cowgirl one, too, but they are all fun and pretty!

Jackie G said...

Oh wow!!
Your braclets are so awesome!!

Stacey said...

NEat looking stuff!!