Friday, December 26, 2008



I am planning on doin a bit more shopping this am, yeah i know i am GOOFY!! the stores will probably be a nightmare!!! again but we are having xmas with my parents and brother this weekend and i really want to get him something else. Plus i really do feel the need to SHOP!!! LOL really i am NOT the shopping gal here. I am goin to record in my phone this time where i park so no problems will arise in the parking lots!! ROFL!! I do have a batch of choc walnut fudge to make special for my hubby's grandparents and then make up the rest of the cookies to deliver tomorrow so a bit of a busy day. SO what did yall get for presents this year??? I did get a gift card to HOBBY LOBBY ***%%^^&^^&&&^&&&^&()(* this is me dancing around~~YEAH my favo store. THANKS to my mother and father in law, also everyone and i mean everyone gets new socks!Westfahl family tradition! which is a good one i might add, who doesnt need new socks am i right? and alot of other great things not to mention spending the evening with great family making new memories!! Here are some pics of us all!! NOW i will go unload the pics of our boys opening prezzies last night!!Website Counter

Below is Grama and Grampa
This is all of us!! we look festive right??
front row is Carrie (sis in law)Dar (her fiance) Brandi (hubbys daughter) ME and hubby who sets the camera then has to run and try to get in pic fast. LOL
back row is Grandpa Bill, Grandma Jan, Mom Sally, and Pops (my inlaws)
GREAT JOB GUYS!! and by the way CARRIE AND DAR her beau are gettin hitched next week!!CONGRATS!! CANT WAIT YOU TWO!!

Below is everyone relaxing
Mom Sally and Brandi

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

What a fine-looking group of people! But me dear, you are quite GOOFY to be facing the stores AGAIN, it's going to be a MADHOUSE!!! But since you're determined, good luck and get some bargains!!!