Thursday, December 25, 2008


~~~~~Wishing you and yours a very blessed Christmas~~~~~~
I am NOT a procrastinator by no means but there i was on the eve of our wonderous holiday running from store to store trying desperately to find a couple suprises for my sweet dear hubby!! Who by the way is NOT easy to buy for he is kind of picky!!! (i feel so lucky he chose me) ROFL!! anyway did EVERYONE wait til christmas eve to shop or what??? GGEEEEZZZZZEEEE the stores were insane!!! I thought black friday was bad!! Anway i did manage to find a couple of things for my brother and hubby!! and I had to buy all the "boys" things as they will open them if they are under the tree, little stinkers!! I really think they believed me when i sat and told them all "Mommy has to go and meet Santa because he is busy busy of cource and with the snowstorms we have been having he will be a bit delayed so i will help him out and pick up your prezzies from him" LOL!! So hubby will wrap theirs today while i am at work.
We are suppossed to finally get a break from all these storms~ it really is quite amazing when it does snow on christmas day though so hopefully it will flurry~
I actually got some of my holiday baking done yesterday and only have a bit left to do, we will deliver our goodies this weekend as I am Really LATE but it will be a nice after christmas surprise to our friends and family.
Soooo hopefully monday will be new craftin time i have alot of ideas in my little journal book and some already started.
I better get back to work now LOL< Have a happy happy day!!!!
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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I can't wait to see the crafts you have thought up and noted in your journal! The long winter is a good time to create, isn't it? Makes it feel snug!

I know what you mean about the stores, gracious, yesterday I had the insane idea to go buy Worchestershire sauce since I noticed I was running low (don't even know why, I didn't need it for recipes!!!???), and the store was wall-to-wall daydreaming people! Took forever!

Stay warm and safe and try to stay out of snowbanks and keep those 5 extra keys on ye, dearie, since you're a bit...well...goofy!!! (just teasing!!!) A Happy Christmas to Ye!

craftychick said...

GOOFY!! ROFL i used to tell my hubby I would love to be Goofy at disney world!! Can u just see me in that big ol costume running around being GOOFY!! too much fun!!and yes my dear friend i do have the keys with me but i need to try them out to make sure they work. LOL Next time hubby works under my truck he will find keys on magnets all over!! LOL
Hope you had a very merry Christmas!!