Saturday, December 27, 2008


Oh my gosh yall are not goin to believe this!!! IT IS THUNDERSTORMING out right now!! Lightnin, thunderin and rainin!!! and it is dec!! this is just ridiculous for us!! and it is 54 degrees~~ they are saying flood warnings and i am believin that one!! when i took the 'boys' out this am it was warmer outside felt almost like summer again!! CRAZY~~

Here is a pic of yes Me and my brother Joey. ARENT we just the cutest?? LOL People say he looks so sweet and innocent and i look like i am up to something (HEHEHEEHEHEHE WHO ME???) In fact my grandfather always said "that girl is gonna make a great autioneer"~~ I cant even understand half of what an auctioneer is saying!! and have been known on occasion to outbid myself~~~ thank goodness hubby is always next to me helpin me out!! I have a funny story from a couple summers ago. we went to a big farm auction nearby, i had my eye on a loft FULL of old windows!! I mean full too!! all sizes and cool shapes and all wood framed!!! my fav~~ok so hubby bought something big so we needed to have the car carrier to take it home, he comes up with this wild idea of having me go to the shop and pick up the carrier to bring to the auction. OK i thought save us a little time i would. I explained to him ALL i wanted was some if not all of the windows!! i had big plans for them in my mind. I left him with explicit instructions of how much i had to spend and again stressed THAT IS ALL I WANT!! ........ so off i go to get truck, came back quickly as i was anxious to get to diggin thru all the treasured windows. Raced back to him to find out the windows went for $30.00 for the whole LOT of em!! oh i thought i am goin to have such fun i was almost in tears!! WELLLLLLLLLLL he says they are not ours!! WHAT??? yeah he tells me he decided i didnt have the room to store them all and i really didnt need that many!! WHAT!@$#&*$(@#&($@*#($*#@* WAS HE THINKIN!~ oh i was so mad!!! and I mean madder than a cold wet hen!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO as the auction was winding down we all followed the auctioneer to a big ol pile of JUNK behind a shed, there was an old beat up ringer warshing machine, an old homemade bike, tires, buckets basically alot of JUNK!! The auctioneer started and everyone just kind of laughed, mind you lots of men around us, so finally he says "ok will someone anyone give me a dollar?" I thought OK lets have some fun!! I raised my hand and proudly stated one dollar!! my hubby says OH NO what are you doin? Auctioneer asked for two no one responded, goin once twice SOLD for one dollar to the little blonde up front!!!! My hubby said NO!! (a couple of his buddies next to him started laughing) he was soooooooo mad!! i just smiled and said it is ours!! Proudly i started rummaging thru this whole pile and found some old metal faucets that are very cool, some old metal fencing pieces and really that was about all i wanted!! When it was time to go we went to my pile and hubby said load it up!! OK i really didnt think we had to take it all but yepper we did!! ( i didnt know this) so got on my gloves and learned quite a valuable lessons........

1. NEVER leave an auction with hubby in charge if there is something you really want!!
2. BID on only things you really want!!
3.What you buy YOU take!!!
4. NEVER leave an auction with hubby in charge if there is something you really want!! LOL
So anyway it was fun and we did scrap almost the whole pile~~ so i actually made money on it!! not including the hours loading everything up and hauling it to scrap yard!! LOL

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

The weather is crazy allright!!!

Oooo, your naughty husband, he was SO bad to not bid on those windows!!! So I think you did great in getting that whole pile of junk for a dollar!!! But I didn't know that about having to take it all and load it all up!!! Uh-oh!!! Revenge isn't always as sweet as we hope!!!

Stay dry, dearie!