Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Ok i took the plunge and decided to seperate my shoppes on etsy!! I just thought that my handmade primitives just didnt go with my made from scratch bake goods!! LOL this is my new name and shop


stop by and chick out the goodies i listed. Now i just have to dress it up a bit!! This week i should have some sweet choc treats done up to list too!!

It is raining and just plain ol yukky here!! I am doctoring myself for this danged cold that i finally called the doctor bout yesterday and got a couple of prescriptions also i have a sick turkey HARVEY, will try to get a pic of him tonight. He is our 49lb white turk and has a respiratory infection, called all over on sat trying to find some water solualble poultry antibiotic but every supply store open was out>????what's up with that?? anyway called vet yesterday am and then found some at a feed store so ran there after work last night to get him started asap!! so please please remember my poor Harvey with just a little get well wish!!!! He is so friendly and in summer when i am workin outside he comes when i call him and does his gobble gobble for me!! LOL too stinkin fun!! Our michigan weather is just crazy one day it is 15 degrees today it is 35 and so slushy wet and damp. I would much rather have it snowing!!! Yall know that!!


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I hope Harvey gets better soon, how truly amazing you have a pet turkey!!! I wish you a lot of luck on your newest Etsy shop too, going over to take a look!

craftychick said...