Friday, December 5, 2008

2 skates and 2 signs~!

OK got alot finished today!! so it sure was a productive friday!! I painted these 2 signs backround is a dark tan and it just looks so soft i love it!!! SNOWMEN if you havent already guessed are my fav to paint!!

These are the last of my kids skates (darnit) but i do love painting them. The first black one is left the real color but the second is that light green i love so much!! They each have one of my grubby battery tea lights in them and some grungy ol chenile candy canes and some berries. These make such cute little nightlights for that special little girl's room at night, and they are double bladed so they stand perfect!!

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It is snowin and blowin here today and we are suppossed to possibly get alot like a foot before the end of the weekend!! The way it is coming down now i think that is very correct!! YEAH YIPPEE YEE HAW!!!!!!!!!! one good thing is that my show is only 20 min away so it wont be a bad drive in the am!!
IF yall are in or near South Haven stop on by the
MAPLE GROVE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL for a nice craft show!!! Sat from 9-3 I will be there and my good friend PAM who is a stampin up rep and believe me they have super duper great things!! In fact they have a small cutting tool similar to the cuttlebug but does way more!! IT is something on my wish list!! MAYBE SANTA WILL BRING IT!! I REALLY REALLY HAVE BEEN GOOD!! (wink wink)
HAve a great night yall!! will post pics from the show on sunday!!

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Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Wow, you have been busy! Good luck with your show, & be careful driving in the white stuff! It was 81 here 2 days ago but now it's cold here too. Feels more holiday-like but I'm not used to wearing a jacket!!!


Hope you have a great show....your work is beautiful!

Primitive Kountry said...

Love those skates. They are pretty kewl!