Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Hump day!!


Gosh the days are just a flyin by!!.........................gone.............. OK DID YALL WATCH BIGGEST LOSER LAST NIGHT????????? OMGOODNESS we were so happy that MICHELLE won!! YEAH for her and my gosh I couldnt believe the transformations in the contestants!! A BIG WAY TO GO!!! We are so happy for Michelle's new life and the life regained with her beautiful mom. I cant imagine being that displaced from my mom as we are best friends and talk at least 2 times a day (most times more than that)LOL, but to not talk for years WOW!! I cant imagine. But that show is so inspiring and moving glad it will be back on in jan!! YEAH!!!

Well it was quite a strange day i must say, i worked part of the day and it just STRANGE!! My coworker friends and I get together the second week of dec to bake and deliver cookies to the docs that we directly work with so that was fun and they all looked so nice!! I got pics but not sure how to get them off my phone LOL so when hubby gets home will have him show me.

I did mangae to make some pkgs of my TAFFY APPLE DIP MIX and listed them on my etsy shop and will sell here too. IT IS YUMMY!! good with apple wedges, pretzels, crackers, nilla wafers, animal cookies or oh and i love this idea we had!! ON A TOASTED BAGEL!! YUMMY!!!!!!!:) You will recieve a pkg of the mix itself and then i include a pkg of roasted chopped peanuts that you can top it off with. All you have to add is 2 YEPPER THAT:S 2 ingredients then chill and serve. WHAT a delico" treat!!

Pkgs are $3.50 plus travel expenses which usually is under $2.00 in usa. Sooooooo if ya want some just give me a hollar. When i make this dip i usually will use 2 8 oz pkg of cream cheese but if you want it really sweet and gooey use just one. It does make alot though. **THIS IS MY RECIPE**Website Counter

OH MY dear friend LOVED her ornies i made for her and her sis!! She almost cried which then i almost cried!! LOL Love to see the look on someone's face when you give them something homemade and personal!! dont you...

Ok here is an altered charm bracelet i listed on my etsy shoppe last night. It has altered mini bingo chips for the lettered charms which spell out DIVA with 17 asst glass beads and 3 clear glass heart beads. TOO much fun making these and hope after the holiday I will have a chance to really make some!! I ordered a jewlery book which features alot of altered art pieces so cant wait for that to come!!

Ok enough for now have a super duper blessed night and will chat more tomorrow!!




Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Your bracelets really turned out darling and your taffy dip sounds great!!!

Steph said...

We were so happy for Michelle too! But man Heba blew me away, she look amazing, as did both Amy's and Shellay. I really enjoy your blog. That dip sounds great!

craftychick said...

That dip is wonderful! I took some to work the other day, i needed to make some for the pic so this way i didnt eat it all!!LOL