Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Challah & fall pics

Oh I swear this has been the best fall we have had in years!!! The trees even though they have gone thru a terrible year between our early warm weather then freezing after they started with leaves, then the severe drought and now excessive amounts of rain they have given us the most beautiful color show!!!
I cant stop taking pics!  Everyday it just gets prettier outside!!

Yesterday Mary and I had a busy day getting ready for markets this week.  Wed=100 mile market in Kalamazoo and thurs=Allegan market (last one of the season) 
My glazed pistachio bread loaves were setting up

I bought some great red swiss chard at market so made chard rolls with a vegetable and rice filling forgot to take pics of them packaged.

personal size pumpkin bread pudding with cinnamon sauce.  Mary had a great idea to bake some in our jumbo muffin pans and they turned out super!!

here they are waiting for the cups of sauce to go in with them 

and we made cheddar topped foccacia (which by the way is delish grilled with more cheese for a cheesey grilled sandwich!! yummo!

cut up for sandwiches
and our drive near the farmstand looked so pretty.  The leaves were gracefully falling from the trees it was almost magical outside.  I couldnt snap a perfect pic to show them flowing to the ground

hubby's new toy! 

Challah bread loaves  LOVE the way the braided loaves look!  Some are topped with organic poppy seed and sesame seeds just for fun=)

A look at the drive towards the barn and coop

and this little maple tree is just glowing!! So gorgeous!! I truly feel blessed to have seen such magnificent colors!!
I am off to the kitchen to finish things up and package the cookies for market this afternoon.
Hope yall have a wonderful day.  Today and tomorrow are gonna be in the 70s here again and only a very slight possibility for rain! woo hoo!! kind of sick of rain lately!!
Hope yall have as great a day as we are gonna in your neck of the country!!

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