Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I just got an email from telling me I am going to be a featured blog of the week there!! WOO HOO!!~
YEE HAWW!!!  This is exciting for sure!!! 
So  I am gonna work on some special projects for next week and some more tutorials!!! March 14th it starts and I just love these badges and buttons for them!!  LOVE IT!!
Nothing says welcome spring like birdies!!  Well we do have snow and ice and rain predicted for the weekend but I can hear the birds singing so beautiful out in the early am it means spring is comin................. !!YEAH!!
And I have a small request for all of you great people.   A dear dear friend of mine's granddog had some surgery this am, could you please say a little prayer and some well wishes that everything will be ok for JUNE a very special furry friend!!  Ru and I have shared some very similar events the last month, her daughters precious fur baby passed away the week before our little Bubba and then they found a lump on June's back and with alot of prayers and happy thoughts we are hoping that it is not the c word............. and that the doctors got it all!!    Buster so far is doing better we got his lab results back and the vet says everything looks good and to keep his treatment (addisons disease) the same and we are watching the lump on his thigh very closely!! He is probably gettin sick of mommy checkin in but I just so worried and prayin that it doesnt grow!  Labs are prone to fatty tumors I have been told and hopefully that is all this is!
So you see June and Buster do have spiritual souls mourning the loss of their buddy/bff's.
JUNE we are praying for ya pretty girl!!!
and RU you have been in our hearts and prayers!! 
I have markets this week ALLEGAN 11-1  tomorrow and Friday BRONSON WINTER MARKET Kalamazoo~~ 10-2.  Dave the meat man from
Young Earth Farm and I will see yall there!!!  and keep an eye out for my special project for next week~~
I am honored to have been chosen!! TY!!!
THANKS YALL!! have a blessed evening we are off to watch survivor!! 
Darlene and "the boys"
and PS!!  If anyone out here is in SW michigan and has a female boston terrier/not papered, we are looking for a date for BARNEY!!!  we want a puppy from him!! give me a hollar!! or if have a female boston for sale too!!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations and I'll certainly be keeping my fingers crossed for June. Mom and dads lab had fatty tumours as well....she was just fine with them.

Kerrie said...

Congrats! You deserve it!:)