Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some finished projects

In honor of my mommys birthday we went to the new casino that opened up nearby.  Only an hour away!  It is a fun place and I could really enjoy working there with all the excitement of Vegas but not being too far away from my loving home and family!! LOL I really dont think I could handle the noise more than a couple of hours though so scratch the job thing!! LOL
Anyway we played alot of different slot machines, some poker and also had lunch there which was very good.  I loved spending it with her my dad even gave her some spending $$ but we really didnt win much back!! just had alot of laughs. It was so busy when we left in the afternoon I was glad we got there early.  All kinds of machines and they even had a Survivor one!! with the early on seasons cast member pics on it.. Like Rupert for one!! and it was a penny slot so had to play on that one for awhile!   We really didnt understand the slots but that didnt matter to us. Just had fun!! 
Tue I did whip up a batch of some new shortbread cookies!  Chocolate chip cardamom!!  Actually I like the flavor I didnt put alot of cardamom in since it is a strong spice but pairs nicely with the bitter sweet chocolate. 

Mini chocolate chips were used in them.  They look cute too!!

And with full market season opening around the corner I started making some of my dip mixes up.  This is a onion dip mix that is great to season meatloaf, tried it the other night.  I like it for a chip dip or for pretzels!! yummo!!

Pkgs waiting for labels.  Ran out of ink in our printer so will have to make a trip to the store today or tomorrow.   AND a dear friend ordered some painted wine glasses from me so finished them up.  They are for the Ohio State University Buckeyes!! 

They were fun to do, let me tell u workin with glass paint is entirely different from acryllics which I am mostly used to workin with.  But I am happy with the way they turned out. 

And did up a few altered pendant necklaces up.  this one states "sisters rock" and on the back it says best friends forever. 

I have a couple to finish up like one that has a little girl and dog image and says "the more I know about men the more I like my dog" LOL too cute!! 
And here is a cute image of a little girl holding onto her favo teddy bear.  I added some mini punched flowers and her hat and the words True Friends to the front. 

The back has the same punched flowers and the word "Cherish" stamped on using my JUST RITE mini word stamp.  And the definition cherish.  Love love love polka dotted papers!! I have to dig out more of my papers in my stash to work with them. 
So that is it for the past couple of days today is baking cookie day for market sat and maybe makin a batch or 2 of pierogies.

Hope yall have a glorious thursday!!! the sun is shinin here and it actually isnt too cold, 30s today maybe in the 40s I can handle that!! 


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Dawn said...

The cookies looked so yummy, and love the glasses. Very creative.