Monday, March 14, 2011


WE got another Boston!~!~  Another boy too and his name is BRUNO, we didnt name him but when I heard his name started with a "B" knew it was meant to be~!~  He was in foster since being rescued and is such a sweet guy!! 
Buster Barney and Bruno now.  They played ALL night long, keeping mommy up so we are gonna take a nap here really soon! 

He already has been givin Barney his bath!! (which Bubba did every night)
I think that Bubba surely had a paw in gettin us together with Bruno.  He has some similiarties to our Bubba and it is really cute!!
Our handsome little guy!! 
I always seem to get pics of them stickin their tounges out or smiling or yawning!!
Loves this little lion animal and suckeled it the whole way home in the truck.  We were on the road 8 hours yesterday. to get him and bring him home but I think was wellllllllllll worth it for sure!! He already has our hearts and Buster and Barney's too!!
He loves stuffed animals and we bought each of them these loofa toys that make noises!! The chick peeps, the pig grunts (well kind of ) and the cow moos.  Yes I heard that chick alot thru the night he brought it in the bedroom and between jumpin up and down in and out of the bed umpteen million times I am hopin they are worn out and will sleep now!! LOL

I am off to take a nap with the boys and will be back to share some new things I am working on when I am more awake!! 
Have a great afternoon!!


Debra said...

How wonderful- he looks like a sweetie!!

baglady said...

Darlene- so happy for you-he is a cutie. Did you get him as a rescue from Kent City? I still hope to hook up Barney and Bella for some puppies :) Nancy