Monday, November 3, 2008


Wanted to let yall know this can happen to our four legged furry pets!!! Took my Buster in for his montly injection and he was due for his rabies shot so got both, on the way home he started getting sick and vomiting (this is only 14 min from our house) by the time i pulled in our driveway he was panting and had a hard time breathing, took him in house where he laid down and wouldn't get up at all. CAlled vet and they said to bring him back asap so had to carry him to truck called hubby who met us at vets office on the way he started getting very lethargic and listless, i kept talking to him reasurring him and me!! When we got there they rushed in a room and said he was having an allergic reaction to his rabies shot!! NEVER had a dog with this before so was kind of unsure what was going on. After a shot of benadryl he started perking up so he walked on his own out back to truck and back home. For the first couple hours he slept on the couch as you can see by the pics!! He is doing good tonight, not himself but he did get up and give me kisses and daddy when he got home from work too. SO be careful and watch your furry kids close when they get vaccines, they can develop allergies to things just like we can and he is 8 yrs old now. CRAZY!!

Buster and his brothers and mommy are goin to bed now!!


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