Thursday, November 13, 2008


Ok i am sooooooooo very excited!!! YIPPEE YIPPEE!!! YEE HAW!!! as i have posted i am gettin ready for my show i leave tomorrow and will be back late sat night!! Been busy altered more skates, a suitcase, painted up more signs and gosh did some altered ornies and more altered jewlery which is my fav now!!! I ordered more charm bracelets and also necklaces that i can charm altere up!! THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!!! Hubby is staying home to take care of the farm chores and my 3 furry boys (which i will miss all of them immensly) even hubby!!!LOL I will post booth pics when i get home but really need to get back to my studio!!! I am currently also working on a magazine submission of something i made and will post all about that when i can get it done. TOO many stinkin ideas to do!!! HAVE yall seen the new Cloth Paper Scissors mag?? oh wonderful ideas in the latest issue!!! great snowman things !!! OK OK NOW i really got to get off here and back to creating!!! since that is not really work ya know!!! LOL
I have added 2 pics one of a Queen of olde crow pendant necklace i made and another charm bracelet!! Been busy cutting glass and acrylic pieces to make these and they are soooooooo cool!! cant wait to see what happens at the show with them IF all else fails i have lots of xmas gifts already done!!!
have a super super day and will post when i get back~~

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I am probably late with this...but have a GREAT show..can hardly wait to see pics of everything!