Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well it is here dont forget to get out there and cast your vote!!

Buster is doing much better this am!~! had a bit of a rough night poor guy had upset tummy and pukey but did get rest and had scrambled eggs for breakfast so far that is fine with him it stayed down good.

Years ago hubby and I purchased a glass and bottle cutter set as we thought how cool!! we can make things with this, it stayed in one of our barns still in pkg UNTIL yesterday that is!! LOL finally found a use for it!! In the pic is what i did, I cut my microscope slides to make charms with and also made the mini altered pendants. HOW STINKIN COOL!!! Gosh a new addiciton here!! I cant get enough emphemera and glass beads and chains, and jewlery stuff!! We are goin to have to add on my little studio for all the new drawer cabinets i have been purchasing to house all my great finds and trinkets. THIS is so much fun though, each and every piece i have been making is truly one of a kinds. I did list a few on my etsy site and will be positively making more today.
It is funny i NEVER would have thought of myself as enjoying making jewlery but you never know!!
It is 72 degrees here which is just plain nuts!! but oh so beautiful out!! Guess i will go and work on some outdoor projects this afternoon since we all KNOW this weather WONT last long!!! Have an absolutely wonderful afternoon and enjoy your night!!

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