Sunday, November 30, 2008

Website CounterOk I am back from my holiday open house sale!! Here is an album i put together of the pics. This one is the front of the wonderful building we rented!! ISNT is just great!! I would sooooooooo love this on our property to play with!!! Gosh i would have it just chucked full of primitive treasures!! LOL Also is a pic of some of my hp signs i offered. The rest of the photos are in my image cave album link below
I hope you and your families had a blessed Thanksgiving~~ I baked most of the morning and early afternon came home to get ready to go to my parents home and found my poor hubby still in bed. He had a touch of a bug that is for sure, poor guy didnt get back out of bed til friday am and was still beat. Hopefully that was it and he wont be sick for xmas too or me!! It is cold season though and there are germs all around us these days!
It is cold here in sw michigan but just a bit of snow left on the ground...=(BUTTTTTTTTTTTT we are in for a storm coming in tonight!~! YIPPEE~ snow and more snow!! It just isnt the holiday season round here without snow, and i say if is goin to be cold then darn it all LET THERE BE SNOW!! to beautify the drab long gloomy days!! Have a great rest of your weekend and will post some new things i have in my mind this week!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh looks gorgeous. I love your work. As usual, it is of the highest standard..adore those
Glad you had fun and enjoyed yourself.
luv Ann.xx